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and Chucky up in stopped goin' a two man lady bug
David Lewis June 4th Chris Tall you and Keith Robinson
Bozo and me, Circuit Los and with it Antwon 
with their mouths full of silver spoons
Got a paper full of yellow journalism
A restaurant waiter selling me words of wisdom
The small town crier is
They need to exit don't let the grind past you by
I run laps round lames with my shoes untied
I jump the line walk in and watch the crowd divide
and an antelope
Been round the world, doing jet, Steve Angello
Rockin' white gold, pink gold and the yellow
Word to Dizzee man, I used to wanna rock Ecko
Real nigga
What you can't have now
Leave it in the will

Pharrell in the white, Gucci in the yellow one
I'm up in the red one, I thought you said
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night by tha club scene
Green and yellow cd had tha club mean
Rollin' wit' a nigga then, in tha end
Same nigga, came right and tried to touch me
support the troops by wearing yellow ribbons?
Just bring home my motherfuckin' brothers and sisters.

Cause they don't call the shots
(but they're in
remorseful in every morsel
Unpleasant, horrible, hello gorgeous
The rebel with devil horns just fell off the yellow short bus
Met a contortionist, said,
Hamburger Helper 
Nigga you want to take us like desert sketch, I leave you scared
Nigga I got a partna by the name of Chris, that's Redd
People say I got
And niggas don't be trippin don't be doin no drive-bys
Cause we don't gangbang, don't wear blue or red
We like that fuckin green, papers what I said