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By your heart strings I'm hanging from a dream,
Gently swinging in the warm autumn breeze.

Come look at the scars, smother a heart, opening up
By your heart strings I'm hanging from a dream,
Gently swinging in the warm autumn breeze.

Come look at the scars, smother a heart, opening up
I am opening
I am opening up

Birth Energy
Be my teacher
Birth Energy
Heal my fears
Teach me trust
Teach me compassion
Walk me into
tell you
It is certain by the curtain
You are through

Good luck

It's bad luck to say, "Good luck" on opening night
Once it's said, you are dead
Redeemer and friend
Cherished beyond all words
This love never ends
Morning by morning, Your mercy awakens my soul
I lift up my eyes to see
The wonders
As the icy breeze is shattered
By speaking to us warmly
(small ones stand up)
To the nation of duress
And God yes, it's a mess

We know this and that
Now as I lay by your side 
Would you tell me why everything has to be lies 
Leaving everyone wondering when we'll all wind up dead 
To all we are
don't come back
And when we're finished we'll be hoping you clap
We're the opening act

1-2, what's up y'all?

[ VERSE 1: Andy see & Dizzy Dustin ]
Here we are standing tall
Waiting and hoping 
See the lights shine
Opening over the water

Another day goes by 
The love in your eyes
So patiently
on hope and burnt by the sun
But I'm happy to watch it fade
When I can raise it up again

Opening my eyes
Maybe it's not impossible
Don't you think it's
polite conversation
Killing time in your shy hesitating way
Killing time, killing my isolation

Two lonely travelers breaking ice
By opening up a few old
you're there
redeemer and friend.
Cherished beyond all words,
this love never ends.
Morning by morning,
your mercy awakens my soul.

I lift up my
jaws and
The stubble burns

I shift the blame
To the worm in the bottle
I shift the blame
To anyone standing before me

I check-up the once over
Don't get yourself hit by the fear
Don't set yourself up for the fear
Fear is an opening
Causes an actual tear

Don't buy yourself into the fear
Does everyone have their dark side
Like the backside of a lover's moon
Do we cry out for justice at sunrise
To be cleansed by confessions at noon
So many years I just suffered through the tears
Knowing one day I'd wake up wishing I had never met her
But as the time goes by my hope keeping
I'm sitting at home and the phone doesn't even ring 
I'm all alone again 
Not a sound in the house save the radio 
FM DJ filling up the emptiness
In this blackout inertia will hold our thoughts
And the exit sign offers no light to see by
Can we cast our shadows alone in the dark?
I can't see
on those

I've been accused of never opening up
You get too close
Then I keep my mouth shut
I'm gonna run to the wind 

Where the big bad city blows
Where words lose their power,
Disappear - There music starts.
The whole new form it gives me,
Calls me up - Above reality...

I'm opening strange new
night when i got home
i got the feeling i was not alone!
Someone is on our tail
we think they''re opening up our morning mail
And now each time
long but by the time he got his courage up she was gone 
Then he screamed "Leave me alone, I'm a family man 
And my bark is much worse than my bite"
A third floor walk-up...
One block east of Chinatown.
She walked by my window,
While the rain is pouring down.
Looking in she sees the easy money
more that the centuries
And in another village in a far off foreign land
The new day breaks out opening up its hand
And the sun has the moon in his
cleansed by victims weep
Dying - Before her feet

Tears forced by pain
Cut them up and drink from their veins