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There's far too many ghosts
It makes us rely on three notes
That could make you weep, sad notes
That blister in your heart

I hope
And don't I
and mama had a fight
You weren't ever gonna win
Never got to see me again

Well, like that storm the days roll by
Now and then I still drive
And it's much too dangerous
To get closer to you

And I'll see you baby when the clans rise again
Women and children united by the struggle
Going down
my chevy and an old guitar
I don't want to be a star
I don't need the fat cigar

Too many distractions run through my brain
So many girls they
How many say I, how many say I 

Have you ever looked down when the homeless walked by? 
Or changed the channel when you saw a hungry child?
the next comes by   
I can hardly wait (don't know why, don't know why)   
For another try   
Don't know why, don't know why   

Too many women too many
thunderbirds and Pontiac wild
Flying in your front seat at least for a little while
Baby, tell me do you ever feel like
Our love was drowned out by a real
what I do since we broke up I find it hard to sleep

The room is spinning from too many drinks I've drunken by myself
I know that staying here
Though many have come
There will never be another one
Quite like

Wraaa Everybody get the fuck up
Wraaa Everybody get the fuck up
Your sweet face appears
These apparitions coming one by one
But there's no end in sight
Only the dead of night
And too many angels
I can hear their laughter - fabulous desaster
Running dry!
Betrayed by many names - they are playing games

What the hell
How many roses have faded and died Virginia
How many tears since I've walked by your side Virginia
Too many moonlights have come and gone
Too many
you're feeding my fabulous Chinese takeout
On the dampened bedsheets
Our last supper so you might say
I woke up in a cold sweat and realized 
puberty we brought war 
To our community 
So many bodies dropping 
Its gotta stop 
I want to help 
But still I'm stepping 
Keeping my weapon 
Would she make me feel like cryin'?
Would she make me feel so small?

There's been too many years gone by
There's been too many years gone by

How could I
where you shouldn't go
Now out of the woods and out in the day
I see there's too many prophets here

One by one by one by one
Stand on zero
One by
When you were a cowboy on the plain
You stole my heart away
I'm writing you to say that
You were my original hero

My fabulous prince and my lover
many love and slain by bullets wit dead aim
I weathered the change.
Stormed through the streets in the range
Can't complain, a n**** live to die in da
not too many left
Where they at?
Dead or locked behind bars in jail
I know I ain't too far from hell
I'll spit the devil these bars in hell
Dog, I
Artificial amateurs, aren't at all amazing
Analytically, I assault, animate things
Broken barriers bounded by the bomb beat
Buildings are broken,
assault, animate things
Broken barriers bounded by the bomb beat
Buildings are broken, basically I'm bombarding
Casually create catastrophes, casualties
many mic's do we rip on the daily
Say me say Many moni, Say me say many, many, many

I get mad frustrated when I rhyme
Thinking of all them kids who try
Too many colors, too many colors I can't blend
One million different shades
Too many colors, too many paint-by-number minds
Too many twisted minds
(Mark Erelli)

Too many nights thinking 'bout you
Too many lights in my rearview
Too many miles by the light of the moon
Guess we all pay the price
Can't you see we've got it made 
Just cause I'm not going far 
That doesn't mean that we can't reach the stars 

Too many people have waited