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I had a dog named Banjo and a girl named Muffin
I'd just blew in from Texas and I didn't know nothing
I found my way around this town with a friend
get longer, 
Winding on and on. 
Love lost hours make us hard. 
You are power mad, 
I think that's sad, 
Real powers in our hearts. 

We live our
'm getting harder to forget
I won't be a one night remedy
To help you live with your regret
Guess things are tough all over
Even on the single side of town
come by your hood
For motherfuckers that think I went Hollywood
Pick a Coast, it got to be the West
I live out there, from the W.S. nigga

on the sidewalk
By a café where I hope to be working soon
Please come to Boston
She said, "No, David, you come home to me"

And she said
"Hey rambling boy,
on the sidewalk
By a café where I hope to be working soon
Please come to Boston
She said, "No, David, you come home to me"

And she said
"Hey rambling boy,
believe that's the way we were supposed to live
Wouldn't trade one single day in small town U-S-A

Give me a Saturday night my baby by my side
A little Hank
when, I could not say
I got a reason to live another day.
Discarded treasure y'all passed on by
And I can understand the reasons why

There you sit
going out altogether

Oh, I live by my mirror and stare in my eyes
Trying to make out who I see there
But I'm looking at a woman that I can't
plug, I plug
Mixed shot with the slug, listen here, cuzz, when I dig dug

Play slick and get stuck
But don't play tough, boy, go and get it up
Hey yo,
twenty one

Now me and you never moved the town boy we just kept on living here
And life's been pretty tough son with the past twenty one years
You thought your life would just go by
Without a pause to wonder, don't be silly

But you can't live your life in the baby seat
You've got to stand
to make believe
Childhood dreams, can still come true

So I've been wondering, traveling all around
Guess it ain't my style to live in just one town
in the past,

Oh my night sky,
Is full of stars of David,
Oh they all try,
To catch my eye and show me what they're made of,
But I already know,
the price

Three town homes in Delaware
Uh tomato Porsche lookin' like tomato sauce
Hip hop hooray I got to get
That ya yo off
That's blocks to the ave,
quit talking and take action now
Run all of you fairies clean out of this town
Oh I'm dog tired of watching you mess up our lives
Spending the summertime
all your doing
Blinded by your lives-of false hope
Disorder reigns supreme
In this town of lost hope and broken dreams
Chaos finds away
To creep into
mustard tahoe
We like the musketeers, trained by cus d'amato
Just a model, a dozen hollows is tough to swallow
Watch sanford in son
I'm like the buzz in
Walk on Mr. Sheep 
Walk on Dance, Mister! 
Hey, he's doin' 

OK Oh, oh Oh, he's all right 
Let him get up by himself 
Now I don't want to be too
and the police took him away
The town cheered and the geeks all jeered, but I'll just make a bet
Gary will live on in infamy -- he was the meanest guy you ever
Don't want to be free of hope
And I'm at the end of my rope
It's so tough just to be alive
When I feel like the living dead
I'm giving it up so

Em cmaj7 em cmaj7
Don't break down in this cold town where the people live in fear
Em cmaj7
There's a wheel in my hand but I can't steer

might break
Have you heard that 
Fighting to prevent a war
Why should we do it anymore
I know we can live here side by side
Get deep to leap or I'll beep the Jeep
Put down the clown, get 'round the town
I found the sound that I pound the ground
Get paid and laid, not
In rags in their normal place
Where diesel machines roar by
Pale dawn, at the scrapyard gates
Fast food parks and hardware mines
Not smiling