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Four thousand years ago, I came back to my senses
Jumped on a laser ray and blew into a new dimension
This vertical line, I watch it go by

Chop down
Vertical to the horizon. 
Vertical to the horizon. 
It'll be the end of deception. 
It'll be the end of deception. 
This is the gun
the horizon it is easy to love

I'm touched with desire
What don't I do?
Through flame and through fire
I'll build my world around you

Beyond the horizon, in
gave them fingers for
(to make percussion over solos)

China my china, I've wandered around and you're still here
(which I guess you should be proud
everything in the ground
We live vertical lives
Who wants to be flat in this habitat
We live vertical lives

The last building I saw
Was a thousand
the horizon
We'll watch the hours go by
Fall and then arise again
I hear the darkness breathe

As the sun comes down
Over your regrets
It takes time
of primaries we've conquered against the storm
Throning with will and the sound of battle never ends...
Tragedies blows at horizon: we ride as one our battle
'Cause I waited long enough

I can change the skyline
Out of range but in time
Time to change the skyline
I see far horizons

An empire in a day
Lasting image is frozen in time
I see the sky and live another day
Unending journey fueled by the energy
I feel the pressure suffocating me

to costly game
Maybe I'm wrong for seeming
Ungrateful, unforgiving
Oh how it hurts now you're finally leaving
I couldn't take anymore

Now's the time
(We see clearly now)
We can see clearly over the horizon

(Ain't no dream too high)
Ain't no dream out of touch
Anywhere around us
Make no plans play it by ear

Could be days maybe a year

I'm gonna be free in the sunshine

Takin' my time tryin' to find

Some peace of mind
Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon
Oh, Mud Slide, I'm dependent on you
I don't know but I've been told
There's a time from time to time
I can't
Mud slide slim and the blue horizon
Oh, mud slide, i'm dependent on you
I don't know but i've been told
There's a time from time to time
I can't
the explosions
>From horizon to horizon
Wrap ourselves around the distance
For as long as we can hold
Somewhere a girl is singing
There is calm in the air
all my days I'll love you,
And all the stars you run through,
See the light surround you...

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for meaning
Wandering around with no direction
I'd rush to take that next big step
To make it that much more ahead
I went for the horizon
And I
go on

The tide is turning
Horizons burning
Your days are numbered
Your future has crumbled

Events obscured by the past
Look around do you see 
So many things have changed 
And you should know by now 
I never meant to hurt you at all 
All my life I have been
Look all around you
We’re a bunch of mighty
Bunch of mighty scoundrel babes

The summertime is out time, and I’m
I'm a beast

Slip the jaws
of the triple sun
I wait by the go-tree
When the day's busy work is done
Soon the warm night breezes
Start rolling in off the sea
Yes, at lantern time
Traveling far from home
Out into the unknown
Nothing familiar around me
This journey seems so long
As I await the dawn
All alone and so weary
Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon
Oh, Mud Slide, I'm dependent on you
I don't know but I've been told
There's a time from time to time
I can't
friend a truce in the night
I live on the mountain and dream of
The open sky
A time sent event horizon will leave our
Stories behind
I could tell by the color of your energy field
U thought this game was over
Chemical peel
You tried to do me like my good brother Steve
But I got