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Teach me to whisper
Cause I feel like screaming, teach me to whisper

Anger and hatred are their oars
Revenge their vessel
Be strong
Be patient

Standing by a riverside 
A river so deep and so wide 
Current's too strong for only one man 
I know because I tried 

I got eight oars - 
is just one oar leaning against the wall
What of our plans for paddles in the Fall?
With the reeds grown high in a winding maze
We were to follow
Three sisters
Came to me last night
Last night
They said, "There's a boat
On the shore
A gas lantern and one oar
For your trip
Go home
As I walked by the lake one day by chance my Dorraine passed my way
Then she and I walked hand in hand on the banks of Ponchartrain
I pinned a flower
dust, the morning tribe
Crushed by a million suns
Here the heart of you lies

Over land and sea
I'll come fighting for you
Over land and sea
A dawn
can make 
On a lake in the park 

It's an ocean of devotion 
A floating dream for two . . . 

Oh, I keep hopin' that 
The oars will stray 
So we could
Aboard a craft bereft of oar
I rowed upstream to find Lenore
Abducted by a bandit or
A king from some forgotten war

And mindful of his larval
All in the golden afternoon full leisurely we glide 
For both our oars, with little skill, by little arms are plied 
While little hands make vain
so Sinatra
You know my [?] not proper for the Oscars
But I opt out for the Oxfords in the Oxford
Ha ha, that hurts
Some'n by this oar got 'em
see my epitaph.
Shot down
By the one girl he couldn't have
Not have
Shot down
Baby I was shot down, come on
Shot down
Baby I was shot down
blindness, there is failure
People gather by the river
They were talking

There is a place that I have seen
Somewhere between waking and sleeping
on your way 
Flyin' by goes a stork 
You decide to bring your oars in now 
But accidentally knock out the cork 

Row your boat to shore 
'Cause it is
And my crew are the bravest ever handled an oar
And not by the tempest, they laugh at its roar

No ballroom can tempt me nor raise my despair
over by the jukebox
Like she's something to sell
I said, baby what's the going price?
She told me to go to hell

Shot down in flames
Shot down in flames
Watching as it flies by (Spy the unknown)
Focus on the quiet oars
Tell me how far you'd go (Go where you like)
Knowing your air won't last (Last one to know)
Once I tried to row
'Cause you know I hate to fly
so I set out from the coast
But got battered by the tide
As I glided back to shore
I raised
swallowed by the waves
Rocks and mountains break
Dead men on the path to Hell
And Yggdrasil quakes

From the east comes a ship
Loki holds the oar
Please let the rain in. open all the windows wide. let the wind blow that furious thing inside to spring forth some life. I feel it pulsing: a buried
beat beat

Look at the wild deer
Tumbling out from the wood to drink by the shore
I count twenty-seven or more
Sun rises up from out oars

Great peril awaits us beyond the Black River
Summoned by the beating of drums
Our number is few and our errand is dire
We do what must be done
me for a ride, yeah

She could drag me over the rainbow
And send me away

Down by the river I shot my baby
Down by the river, dead, shot her dead
me for a ride, yeah

She could drag me over the rainbow
And send me away

Down by the river 
I shot my baby
Down by the river
Dead, ooh
the world)

Out on our own, we hunt for food
We keep our guns planted by our side
(We shot the world)
'Cause I don't think we're ever gonna make it back
What have i to lose?
Truckin´ by the railway station
I´m on the road again
Steerin´ clear of all temptation
Unto the point