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Written by Thom Bell, Leroy Bell and Casey James
Catch a star if you can
Wish for something special
Let it be me, my love is free
Sing a song
jumped out of the pages of honcho
I knew he had his eyes on me
Back to his bedroom
For a little role play
You know by now
I know that it won´t be
and Calamity and Joan of Arc

I love the way she looks in her underwear
I lose my page then the plot then the book then I swear
She makes the most of her
Written by: tim james, steven mcclintock and marc mancina

The child in my eyes
Stares sometimes
When I was so much younger

A place in
days, don't ever judge a book by a page
That could be a cover up if you ain't looking that way
But what can I say, everything happens for a reason
I never wanted to be 
A man of mystery
My life's an open book
by James Joyce and Agatha Christie 

Sometimes I get confused
Somewhere around
in between, yeah, right

Know, what I mean? Spook that sat by the sound
Black like James Brown, it?s been goin' down
Spirit in your dark ass
the top up like a toupée
Mix the water with the soda
Turn the pot up, make a soufflé
All of y'all can get it like group-page on your 2-way
I'm living proof
to the floss
The doors lift from the floor and the tops come off
By any means necessary, whatever the cost
Even if it means lives is lost
And I can't explain
Jiggy-jabberjaw vitamin idol and primal rages
When Bible page verse tidal waves has begun (Water one)
I wrote the book that shook America
Dynamite, dynamite, clef I got the cash
Yo let's skip town like harlem nights

Everyone wants to be a cowboy
Grab your guns boy
Forty-five by my
It ain't for everybody
Welcome to Hollywood, baby
Take my picture
You comin' with?
Let's not even talk about it
Let's do it
Let's go

I see your
Medina is the east side of town lounge never till we yawnin' 
Gun players regular front page is the bonus 
Life will keep existing while I'm shitin'
Listen kid yo, you was born to be a pawn but I'm a bishop
Back to the novel, you Son, it's logical
How you figure God, what, flow on the track,
I see your jealousy as you're watching (I see you watching) 
You're watching ( It's all good) 
It's kinda sexy to me (I Love it) 
How you're
of the 'xilliary
Talkin' 'bout love like it's apple pie and libery
To really be a saint, you gotta really be a virgin
Dry as a page of the King James Version
Kurtis Blow, James Todd Smith, Shannon Scott, LaRock in the jams
Why would they fuck with a don, Jehovah witness
Him and his co-defendants, I eat 'em
don't give a fuck
I went up in the club
And like a thousand niggas
A thousand chicks
Was doing the James Brown
Get the fuck out of here
I'm like oh
to the floss
The doors lift from the floor and the tops come off
By any means necessary, whatever the cost
Even if it means lives is lost
And I can't explain
is "Bond" like James, 

Niggas be tryin' to test but they "week" like 7 days. 

MC's run away when I kick it, they act so chicken 

They should
stay playing
Your Myspace page playing I started my day aching
It hit me like a tumor felt like it was too soon to
Thought it was a rumor until it
She call me a local nigga, I opened a Swiss account
Eisenhower status Etta James on the dash
John Coltrane cruising in the Cadillac
Seville, feel my
birds of a feather

Young man, I’m from Virginia, so watch your mouth

So we let Congress get held hostage by the South?

You need the votes

G.I.s dressed with automatic rifles and fully armed for battle, fanned out on maneuvers through the woods, backed up by a dozen Blackhawk attack