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I'm just tryna make better music
Get this money, share the profits
Now this class getting led by students
Smoke some weed, get head while I do it
I'm just tryna make better music
Get this money, share the profits
Now this class getting led by students
Smoke some weed, get head while I do it
love to hustle and I love the grand
I don’t like playing but I love to fly

Yo lo entrego todo
Pa’ que el mundo vean los lobos
Yo soy dueño de un planeta
I see the love in your eyes 
And I’ll show the world with you 
If you wanna 

Let’s live life from the world side 
We can jump out the plane 
you down ohh ohh
And you can be the love of my life
We getting closer and closer now
Just you and I, we touch us slow
We let it go...
take the bottom line
Multiply by five, it's larger than life
That's how I'd describe our love

Take every heart beatin' that's a reelin' from
un cahier 
L'autre avec un carnet d'amour d'amour 

Life comes from the same floor 
Wind comes from the backyard 
My room is filled by love
Moving down the highways of my life
Makin' sure I stay to the right
Moving down the highways of my life
So I shan't be concerned
With the other
Uh, yeah, uh, yeah, uh

[Chorus: ] 
]Yo how the days of your life go Com? (I'm just tryin' to be)
That's it? (Stayin' focused so my mind is free)
let ya meal eat you
(I run with trouble, trouble)
Street runner we crazy with dis one
I run, with, trouble

And just the other day, my nigga Chris
and spot the planes, where would I go on holidays?

Roll with the punches, down the aisles, and down the street the weeks roll by
I'm chewing ice
Parody of Jackson by Johnny Cash (G. Rogers/E. Weeler), Bexhill Music Corp. (ASCAP)/Quarter Music Inc. (ASCAP)
New lyrics by Cledus T. judd and Chris
I come to this temple to learn to be free
In light love and life in oneness with thee
I come to this temple stronger in mind
High are my spirits
Written by Miguel Pous

En estas horas de tristeza infinita
Cuando tu ausencia pesa más en mi vida
Cuántos recuerdos
Llenan mi alma dormida
gone, song

You don't like the prestige that I have in life.
You don't like the notoriety.
You detest the fact that I got more cars than most of you have
bell-boy (who turn out to be de illejiminit son o' de video preacher) gwine take a job at a gas statium in new' de blow-up
Why gwine come to life
your voice)
Translated by computer and edited by adam agonis

Tell me if you hear me
As I listen to you
Bring your answers to me
In this dark world

Sit and think to myself how this thing has changed my life
(Damn we was suppose to be boys for life)

This is my growin' pains
Cause by
life my world
My nightmare stuck here won't turn
Is there a light that can shine on me?
Dear God I pray you hear hommie
This is Chris your son praying
niggas on it
That cellphone that I bought
Is probably filled with some other niggas numbers
So it leaves me to wonder
Why do I still promise to love her?
just buy the stand-by ones
I'm adding dollars, you admiring
I'm Words With Friends whole time in-flight wireless
Email full of condo prices
as kept

[Chris Notez]
I love you in a place (i love you), where theres no space or time (time)
I love you, for the life (i love you), you're
feat. Killa Sin, cool G. Rap
[Inspectah Deck]
I represent myself and my own defense
Innocent by reason of no evidence
Plus they're tryin' pick
you feel that pressure
You let em know everyday of your life is, check it

[Verse 1 - Memphis Bleek]
For real we still killin 'em and, each one
pops, maybe he could tell ya better boy
Patient in the afterlife I'll waste ya in the after life
Even after my life haters be after my life
Cause I