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For the rest of my days
And as long as I stay here
I want to get paid

Urban ego war
Urban suburban ego war
It's an ego war
It's a suburban ego
For the rest of my days
And as long as I stay here
I want to get paid

Urban ego war
Urban suburban ego war
It's an ego war
It's a suburban ego
Urban ego war
Urban suburban ego war
It's an ego war
It's a suburban ego war

I wanna stay here for the rest of my days
But as long as I stay here I
And Urban's on the country radio

Oh, I wanna cry in stereo
Enhanced by that Aussie audio

I see your name in the subway lights
Those dim blue letters seem
Sometimes why do I even put up with his shit

Your mind vs (its your) Your hearts vs (its your) Your soul vs (it's your) your 
Body (vs our
and spice and everything nice
Wasn't made for only girls
GI Joe in panty hose is making room
For the one and only

King for a day, princess by dawn
King for
The king of the swinging moves is back in town
And everybody's tip-toeing around him
Surround him, I see
You found yourself a hammer
ready for that (Statik)
Detroit vs. Everybody

I took a bite out the rotten apple by the poison tree
All these females need to email to make noise
Drawing portraits of the passers-by
Sitting on the curb
Combining traffic sounds
Getting dirty looks and dirty jeans
On the dirty ground
She says I
Carols sing to the King
Jesus Christ our Saviour
Born this day, angels say
In a lowly manger
He came down to the earth
Bringing us new birth
the king's horses and all the king's men 

Try to knock me off you never see another day again 

My seven-twenty-one-fourteen's ready 

And my scope with
An urban sprawl sits choking on its discharge
Overwhelmed by industry
Searching for a modern day savior from another place
Inclined toward charity
Think back, I invested, I assessed it, I reflected
Think back, I was requested by God
I shall lead as I was directed
Demand to be king, I was
I'm on the grind all day until the sun go down, 
Puttin' paper in my pockets grindin' all year round' 
I'm on the block with the gangstas
to the sky
Oh, it’s a fabulous day

If I’m back
It’s walk and talk
Oh, oh, oh
It’s good to be king
It’s good to be king

By the way,
The carriage is
Here's a message from the other side and no apology

Another day, another night, another born and mastered
Another way, another king of the rat
I weren't no football fan till he
Dove Ken Driddley, on TV
Mesmerized by the mastery of wee nimble Nobby
Just a dream it all seemed so far away
that God will make a way
I rock a motherfuckin mic 'til the break of day
Darrell Dawkins flow, y'all need to make a breakaway
Microphone fiend with
can  reward is major, so on and so forth
She can show you how to stay down
I can tell you 'bout to break down
VS1's all in my bitch, watch face now?
But anyway...
I hope Sam's a famous actor one day...

Sometimes I dream I'm driving across the water
In a car with my dad or my brother...
to fly?
Ain't no wonder niggas thinkin' we stupid
Urban legend is you’ll never be students
Ye’ ain't worthy to get shot by Cupid
But get shot by a cop
now ya speechless? Show me what's the reason 
Lacking skills, ain't reaching nothing but deacons 

As I go for self, now a days by myself 
This is how I feel, about Christmas
I'm doing one time too

It's the smell of pine, it's the Christmas lights
It's the feeling of God, it's that good
Born in the middle of an urban war
Staying out later than the street lights
In the days of ancient man
They had to fight to survive, because
Gonna put this world back together again
Gonna put this world back together

On a great white horse the King will come riding
He's the One they call