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Takin' it step by step
Like walkin' on water
To a land no man can see
Step by step by step
A little step closer to
The man I long to be

All the things
of a natural wave
That Never seems to break my way
I'm livin' without it

But I got to Do something about it
Step by step little by little
Step by step
as I live day by day
Step into the grounds
of the people
content to make their rounds
Not for me
that's not the way I'm goin'down
Help me come much
the road of life together
And each step has grown us closer through the years
Now we've raised all our children and they're gone once again you and I are
Just how long it takes
Nothing changes
When we're apart
It's just a little bit longer
We've come this far

One step closer to heaven baby

Its just a little bit longer
We've come this far...

One step closer to heaven baby means one step closer to you
They'll be no more livin'
matter just how long it takes
Nothing changes when we're apart
It's just a little bit longer, we've come this far!

One step closer to heaven baby
step nearer our destination 
One step closer forward motion 
One step nearer our destination 

How can I bring myself to sleep till I'm resting by
dance the powerdance
To my own paradise

Step by step I'm moving closer to my goal
There's no vanity that can stop my final move
Step by step I come closer to reaching the top
Every step must be placed so that I don't fall off
Looking down to see about how much higher I am
You can get from here to there
By leaps and bounds or measured steps
You can make it dark or fair
Depending on your point of view
You can get
one step closer
I don't mind runnin' alone
Laughing children echo down
The concrete alleyways
Oh their voices
Calling, calling, calling yesterday
at her
She blinked her pretty eyes
Cold chills ran down my spine

I moved closer and closer
Step by step
I couldn't believe
She was so doggone fine
there every step that I take
Let's keep our eyes on the father above
I need you, you need me, we need love

Side by side by side by side
Walking together
a little closer
Up so high stars are on our shoulders
Time fly's by, don't close your eyes
Kiss by kiss love is a thrill ride
What goes up might take us
We're all bound by certain forces
The same as any one
Step out of the shadows
My little one

There's a change a surely comin'
A will that will
day by day you will discover
step by step we get closer
love is like a non' stop
bullet train all the time
mammy said to me
"be a good boy"
but I
Born in the city, you are Mother Nature's friend
You come one step closer to yourself -
Over by the looking glass you worship no one
I'm gonna tell you
And closer barriers are passing by
Well you left this state and running
Is air too smooth these days
I think it's time to come
I've never been closer
Of trying to understand
That certain feeling
Carved by another's hand
But it's too late to hesitate
We can't keep on living

Just one step, I'm gonna get to you
One more step, a little closer to you
One step away, from your love

Where did we belong
In a would that
doubts and fears
Though by the path he leadeth
But one step I may see
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know he watches me


Whenever I am
Here we go
Oh baby
Oh baby, here we go
Climbing the stairway to heaven
Climbing the stairway to heaven

And we are going step by step
it real haven stay

Will you beg me to face
If I am able and true
Keep it still haven raze
Moving closer

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Barbed wire, barbed wire and roses
Cut me so deep you don't even know
Every time I take a step closer
I wind up tangled, it's all over
Ain't worth