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I once wrote some poems of stillness and silence,
standing by rivers of reflected light:
my thoughts were on being loved and yet unloved, too -
Cause you are my childhood hero she said
I got all your records I know all your songs
And I got your picture tacked over my bed
And you know I once wrote
getting crazier the harder we go
With my partner Peter Parker I was jumping like a trampoline
Web spinning Spiderman swinging from the scaffolding
I'm twice born, once and seven something
Once is the resurrection of honorable function
Been shoveling a coal as the engine's doctor
Long enough
like to do that now, I've written some haikus
Haikus are Japanese poems consisting of 17 syllables, three lines
Five, seven, five
And I find them
another nigga

Shit and that’s all I wrote
I was gonna call another nigga but, it ain’t really a poem,
I just felt like it’s something you probably