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the next battle
Peace means reloading your guns
The love for life is all hatred in disguise
A carnival creation with masks undone

In search for
opens up, blood's retreating
Death's embracing, all is ending
Death's embracing, all is ending

Time will not heal all of your pain
I cannot wait for it
Once upon a time, before the lakes and rivers were polluted
Before the animals were poached to extinction
And before man had destroyed the earth's
deem a grim curse.
Aye, it all began a very long time ago...

Memories of death and life...

For countless thousands of centuries I have walked
Hell is paved with good intentions 
But this is our time of joy 
Play with fire, love the flame 
But this is our time of joy 

Once upon a time there was a little boy who wanted to grow up
And be a soldier and serve his country in whatever way he could
He would parade
The Gods who once protected him are now his Gods of doom
Like a tower standing tall, steadfast in direction
I fall upon your bringing death, the Gods give
lovers began
I began, to feel her body shake in my hand
Body language, it's so hard trying to understand
Usually after sex, it's a good feel
Took by
Once you hear the whistle, even Grandmas is stackin' up on old wooden pistols 
Nobody's thinking by the time you're done blinking 
Cold freezer,
to let you know, had a lot to overcome
But He loves me, he showed me the way to go
Feels like life has just begun

[Rap by Coffee:]
I'm a scream from
you can't stop guessing 
Who's the best MC upon the MIC, SWIFT 
Executed lyrics by me, will leave you violated 
Make your body get the shiversq, eyes
Well a teacher of mine once told me
That life was just a list of disappoints and defeats
And you could only do your best,
And I said "That's
unseen by all
Thought as insanity, the common man would just ignore
In shadows they did hide until the time
When they'd break free and ride, but now they
every dream
I kissed his face like I never knew 'em
It was me, once upon a time when life was ruined
Now the mink rope chain sparklin'
Jumpin' out
sweat. And Albion a dream.

- Such is life upon the isle, of torment and woe.
One day good. One day bad. And some days, even hope.

The light
convict me for kickin black on wax
I walk the street with a battle axe

Life ain't nothin but a piece of existence
Cause when you die, you'se a past
than life and deeper than death
The world of rap is like a kitchen and I am the chef
Boy, are these MC's really startin to irk me
Make it to the top,
It has been a thousand years since the once powerful
planet of Blessing lost its life-giving two suns, and
countless millennia since the days
really be surprised 
When it's there before your eyes 
When you hold the knife that carves her 

You live the life that starves her to the bone 
after twelve weeks the striking miners still
Battle on and in Brighton the P.M. and cabinet narrowly
Escape death as an I.R.A. bomb rips through the Grand
the lines
Comes by every forty years or so
Since more than two hundred years ago

They feast upon the sins and fears of men
Promise you just what you want
the fucking ground
Hands upon your head kid do as I said
Kid it's too late you're dead, good fucking riddance
And if I get bagged I'ma do the life sentence
spirits like
Moths to a flame-
When there is no risk then
There can be no gain).
Death is a harsh fact of life
You cannot avoid or ignore.
all, how could one dare?
Once upon a time they used to play soul
>From there they went to rock 'n roll
Rock died down, then along came pop
Now you're
[Violent J]
The Time has come for the blood to run into the streets paved with gold 
We have lived in the zoo of the ghetto for so long 
And like