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for meaning
Wandering around with no direction
I'd rush to take that next big step
To make it that much more ahead
I went for the horizon
And I
on morning glory vines 
I grew up surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature 
And they're forever present in my mind 

But I'm headed in the wrong direction
And I'm flying in all directions
And that keeps me alive

Would you sell the story
Drown in all the glory
That surrounds you
Surrounds you!

Won't you
If the lonely night surrounds you
Yeah you're weighed down by gloom
No you don't like what it feels in
Your dark and dirty room

It'll be easier in
I might not find what I'm looking for
But this bitter disposition
By now it surely run its course

So if I try to change direction
I might not find
other tight 
And if we go in the right direction, heaven can't be very far 
Dream along with me, I'm on my way to a star! 

( We can wink at the moon
down, bang, I'm lost again, no way
I'm not drivin' with three
Stop, push ejection
Point yourself in the right direction

Everybody knows somebody
their pitching lights

And someone with a yellow pass
Gives out precise directions as to where and when

And here am I with a drumstick
While young
everything no one will understand nothing is left dissolved by the immortal conscious with burning hands clasped around the birthing apparatus and spilling
search the valleys and the hills 
You gotta find her Mr. Mills 

I can't attempt to point you in her direction 
I was blinded by the look in her eyes
This might just be a waste of time
there's no one I'd rather waste
My time with than all my best friends
So start the car up

We'll all take
This might just be a waste of time
there's no one I'd rather waste
My time with than all my best friends
So start the car up

We'll all take
much greener the grass is
With those rose tinted glasses
But the butterflies they flutter by and leave us on our arses

'Cause I'd love to feel love but
The road I need to travel down
I don't know what tomorrow brings
Day by day, with you, I do the same thing
I'm so glad I'm standing on my own two feet
Happiness hit me on the first day that we met
She was sitting in my kitchen with a face I can't forget
She was looking my direction and calling
I may not look like much
But I think that with your touch
I could be somebody you'd be proud of
Lend me a hand, understand
I've been such
for so long 

Twisting and turning 
I'm going for the same direction turning 
Misguided by imagination turning 
Underneath surface I rest 
Dorothy moves to click her ruby shoes
Right in tune with dark side of the moon
Someone, someone could tell me
Where I belong
Be calm, be brave,
When you've gone about things all the wrong way burry them here,
With a life time you would never forget

In savoring sleep, what do you mean I
Winter was cold and the clothing was thin
But the gentle shepherd calls the tune
Oh, dear mother what shall I do?
First please your eyes and then
Still no one is calling my name

If the world was a portrait
Would you mold it with your hands
If my eyes could see direction
Or the wisdom in your
just live with what you've done

Silver Eagle
100,000 miles beneath your wings
Flying down that broken line
No one's gonna know the way I
Cocked and loaded
Pointed in my direction
No protection guess your gonna
Hit me with it
Slow implosion
No one knows what makes it all tick
the corners of my eye
Fool me into thinkin' my baby's passin' by

Intersection lost my direction and
I don't know which way to go
You're the only one I've been
keeps the rain drops
Off my pretty baby's face
I'm just gettin by, and the money's spent
Don't even know how I'm gonna pay the monthly rent
But I know