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the odds
And got the hell out of dodge soul survivor of the war
And master in charge

Everyday I see the same ol' things
But my true and real live nigga keep
It's summertime, it's so hot
I'm wearing shorts a tank top and flip flops
I see birds flying in the blue sky
And marshmallow clouds floatin' by
your crew that's why your stage show's wack! 

So let the sleeping and assuming and the B.S. stop 
Because, Naughty is to live and die for Hip Hop
Put me in a serious situation hope I get another chance
To live life as I know
4:30 was the time, I'm feelin' a pain in my chest
I guess I smoke

Microphone check, one two one two 
Shouts to the East and the West coast crew 
Whatever you do, keep this hip-hop shit true 
{"That's all I
know that I
Live and die for the things I do slang 
I use breakin' down mics and destroyin' crews. 

1-2-1-2 uh
1-2-1-2 mic check 1-2-1-2
take it from the top
Yo Cap take it from the top (sayyy whaaaat?)
Yo Cap take it from the top
Yo Cap take it from the top (wellllllll)

[Verse Two
anytime we pass through, 
 (Telephone ring) Hello Poochie Lu, 
 It come in like mi slam two a di gal dem inna yuh crew, 
 And by the week fi done mi affi
Lincoln continental
I'm the mouth that roared swore to the lord
The eye of hawk both live and die by the sword
The forbidden the six man be sinnin'
on a respirator 
Depending on a generator, to keep his heart moving 
And start losing sight in his right eye 
In weeks he might die 

Verse Two: Raekwon
bodies are fished out 
I'm wrecking niggas one-by-one but then I miscount 
Mispronounced, how do LL bounce 
And get ya shit bust? I turn ya fagots into
Yo I'm cruisin' down the ave in my black cadillac
Hey Goombaa, where's it at
I got the Brooklyn pride that's where it's at

[Verse Two: performed by
Who forgot
Hypnotic in a 
Two thousand by three thousand mile box
Thirty five year olds lost in a x box

Playstation and videos

So that's
Been in the party bumping on waterbeds
Two by the leg
Two by the head
It's crazy, driving miss dasy
Got white girls going crazy
Damdama, last king
it's (who?) I thought you knew 
Cool ass CaTashTrophe, from the crew with all the moves 
So pop the tops off, while I pop beats that knock your blocks
boom on top boom, boom gat for gat 
And all the rules got the drop on you 
And let the nickel nine pop on you 

Yo, my crew in the front got it
chillin', I grab the Buddha, get my crew to buy beers
And watch a flick, illin' and root for the villain
Plus every morning, I go out and love it sort
invested in
Trading in they Lexuses, GS's, sending messages
Two and two makes four, Cristal's crazily pour
Gun wars my crew feel 'em like swords

[Freddie Foxx]
Mic check 1-2, strap it up, load the beat, cock the mic
And your rhyme better be fat, or you might have to fight
Yeah, there`s no
News Reporter:
Well, it seems they're in the news again.  The 2 Live Crew has
started a dance craze that has basically taken the nation by
But we be Professional Ballers hittin' at the top-notch ass 
Pass the green leaf on the left, inhale a breath of chronic smoke 
Exhale like
the way we was treated last summer at Six Flags Over Dakota!
"Now we gotta have a hunnert percent top billing,
"Two-thirds in advance, a' course, you silly!
always hit em with a new flow
And the two door with the coup low with the Hublot
off the window with the two low
Blades from the top like judo listening
rink, mobs and crews would take minks 
Clean streets, hustlers, crack cocaine 
Gave back by throwin block parties and basketball games 
A lotta cash
When I was young I had two pair of Lees, besides that
The pin stripes and the gray (uh-huh)
The one I wore on Mondays and Wednesdays
While niggas