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stacked miles high
They say money changed me, that's a no no
I just don't roll with bums, no hobo


(Man gym class heroes is a real problem,
don't even play ha ha ha, I'm home now though

(Man Gym class heroes is a real problem 
You needa recognize that 
Y'all was actin' funny while we was
the way
Each moment of courage her own life she saves
When she throws the pills out a hero is made
Heroes are made when you make a choice

You could be
of courage her own life she saves
When she throws the pills out a hero is made
Heroes are made when you make a choice

You could be a hero, heroes do
So now everyone puts me down by saying I'm gay.
But I don't care because I have nothing against homosexuals
And the gym teacher is an asshole!
I think I'll write him a notice
He lives on the fifth floor, I'm on the 1st floor
Whenever he comes down he hops in his 6'4
K-Ci and JoJo flows
familiar in the hunger that we bring
We don't want to be like you, don't want to live like you
Learn by our own mistakes, thank you
Forcing time
TEACHER, what are you doin
Is it my rhymes that you're really tryin to ruin
Back of the class then I come FORTH
The water lies between us, it's time
Then the clouds broke apart
Then the sun reappeared

No, it didn't, but it felt like it did in my heart
I wanted to live again

Oh, by the way we lost
live it, come pay me a visit,
And I'll be somewhere up in the sky
My nigga it's 'bout to go down, oh
We fly, it's not lie, that we high, 'til we die, oh
you was coked up.
By my z'd up, whatever the fuck; who gives a fuck?  You get fucked.
My coalition specialises in collision.
The clash
it up a little bit)
This melody was meant for you (Right there)
Just sing along to my stereo

Gym Class Heroes baby!

If I was just another dusty
to write
Through my own fault I may find
You`re no longer living at this address
Please excuse the lack of news
The feeling of strange privilege
eyes for the first time I know a lot that you will not understand because you never shook your own death by the hand we're all just made of flesh
Main Street!
My brain keep the days of high-top fades, Gazelle shades
And emcees, gettin' live on stage
Gym star bar scar, act like you doin' time
Sung by everybody 
Hear me brothers, hear me sisters, 
Citizens and comrades hear my song. 
The old life's dead the order's changing 

It's time
Read My Lips

Words & Music by Erika Paul
From the cd entitled, "It's About Time"

Rollin' through life not hurtin' no one
Risin' in
a man
But somethin' kinda restless started stirrin' in my body
Before I even got my guitar out
And I'm glad I didn't waste my time writin' all these
the microwave
After that, it was straight to the forty ouncers
Slappin' teachers, and jackin' off in front of my counselors
Class clown freshman, dressed like Les
on your dime this time.

heroes have betrayed. we sing for better days.
Don't sign our lives away to impure industries.

you're going under. we have come
world (peace), world (peace), world

Y'all know that's my style, to hit you at the right time
No other compares to what Nas write down
Tell you my dreams,
of my t.v. screen.
24-7, You wait for me.
Entertaining angels
By the time I fall to my knees.
Host of heaven, sing over me.

Entertaining angels
were down and feeling blue.
And it helped you sort out the pieces on your own.

But I'm seeing what you saw. The spring time is beautiful and
I'm proud
Good morning, class
This is your teacher, MJG
Look at me as I write my name on the board
Class, do you see my name?
Do you understand my name?

And during phonics class, perfected my delivery
Now the band's playing "Hail to the Chief"

While my capsule's out floating by some
Tropical reef