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Ah, holy Jesus, how hast thou offended
That we to judge thee have in hate pretended? 
By foes derided, by thine own rejected
O most afflicted
on the beach is crying
Boy on the beach cries a river of tears.
Woman by the river
Can you taste my love?
Taste my love?
You is the mouth where my river ends
Very bad a bitter hand
Very bad a bitter hand
From me meant my above
Very bad a bitter hand
I sent away too cold to stand
Very bad a bitter hand
before I go
One last good luck kiss
One less thing to call my own
That's one more thing I miss

Took the world by storm
Most of 'em either in
As redesigned through their own eyes.

And in the end all of these trends
Will be revealed by the author of history.

History, reciting
And while my eyes are open wide, I'm sound asleep on the inside,

Wake me up, from this dream that never ends.
Haunting me, Haunting me till my bitter end
on my own - it's the end of the line
Make it on my own
It's the end of the line

Now that you are dead and gone
And I'm left to carry on
I could

the bitter end
I said that it feels like the bitter end
I said here it comes
It's the bitter end
to defend
War cries to the bitter end
As man shows his ignorance
It's my own allegiance to the fight
Fight, me, white, breed
Everybody symbolize
chosen for it's diamond future.
Now it's gone

Burnt by my own selfish lies.
You sealed the end with your mind.
Come in the darkness with me.
nothing forcing me to a bitter end

I can't stand another day in my head
All the pain
All the lies
It's wearing me thin
Why can't I just follow you?
Wat a liiv an bambaie
When the two sevens clash
Wat a liiv an bambaie
When the two sevens clash

My good old prophet Marcus Garvey prophesize,
and tired and alone

I brought this on by my own hands
The precious disgrace from my own hand
If I could freeze time in my own hands
Story of a quarryman
from the problems and the pressures caused by insecurities

Get up! Get up!
Let the good times roll!
Get up! Get up!
Take my heart and my soul!
Get up!
for me
I couldn't ask of my own father
I believe her love would stretch
From one end of this earth to the other
Let me tell you she's not just
Holding my breath waiting
I'm searching for a sign
Just a bitter ending
Reciting all these lines
Holding my breath waiting
Need a reason or a rhyme
Crying in my beer 
Singing someone else's troubles 
Help to ease your own 
Goodnight, Irene, my dear

And the rosewood bitters 
Help me meet
on your own, killed from behind
Fools are blind, unwilling to accept, decline
You'll turn a blind eye

Bought by a sickening man
The weakened gather
Well, if you're one of the millions who own one of them gas-drinking, piston-clinking, air-polluting, smoke-belching, four-wheeled buggies from
body, my heart, and my mind 
I turned my family and good friends against me 
Listened to my own heart break 
And I did it all in the name of love 
Gave up
Followed by a slammin' door
Then ol' lonely moves in
And the hurt begins
That's what it's like my friend
If you let it come to a bitter end
Some bitter puppeteer tore away my right to choose
Dealt me shit instead of cards
Watched me bluffing from the start
Some warring cavalier rode
never fall
We'll never fade
I promise you forever
And my soul to take
No matter what
Until the bitter end
We're gonna be the last ones standing
Bitter sorrow
Made by moonlight
The guest snake
Fortunate gambler

There's colder than ever

Bit's of life are fallin'
From my hands