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[Music: Martin & Andreas]
[Lyrics: Martin]

Death will arise from the altar
Piece by piece you fall
Feel the disgrace
It penetrates into your skin
divided by innovative ebonics
Times smooth lime, crushed ice and a splash of tonic
Nigga my past lies are astronomic
Smokin hash in a cathedral with
walking in London with you

Mind the gap on the Circle Line
I'd like to take you there sometime
St. Paul's cathedral
St. Martin-in-the-Fields
whipping the 96 [?]
My independence remain cause I ain't working for the radio station like Martin Payne
I grind and maintain my peace of mind almost
my girl
And I believe how much I love you
And I believe I can change my world

I believe in all the Seth books and the freeing of the mind
I like to get right down...
Do you like to get right down too?"

Well, what did you have in mind?

"Well, I get off being spoo-ed upon
and Cosby
I'm like Martin Luther King, you like Rodney
The difference is I give it everything inside me
Dear diary, the fans still swear by me
Even though I'm
And while I see his whole clique pass us by
Motherfuckers think they qualify
And for those niggas want to try
The G.O.D., the G.O.D

I'm not caught up in
like a Phoenix
Straining to carry the weight of my brain like a genius
Knowing I'm sowing seeds; let's see whose thumb is the greenest
If I said it, I
Run, and I run these things
You can hear it loud and clear like when the school bell rings
Like Martin Luther King, I will do my thing
I'll say it in
and laughter
Homicide is humor and nigga you looking funny
Women love to stare cause they know they see the money
I open up my mind by opening bank accounts
hurt me none, don't hurt my pride
'Cause I got my little lady right by my side
She's a-tryin' to hide
Pretendin' she don't know me

I's out there
Judging each other is so crazy
Crazy, yo, why you hate me
Sometimes I think so hard, oh my God
Was it closin' in on me
I can't breathe, I can't breathe
Remy Boyz, yeah
1738, squad
Montana, Fetty Cash
Remy Boyz, haha, yeah

When you’re with him, I swear I’m always on your mind
I had to stop you girl
to keep you dreams and hopes alive
Do it know and don't pass it by
Life is to short so give me your hand
I will lead you to another land
D. R. O. C. K.
Last night as I lay dreaming
Of pleasant days gone by,
Me mind been bent on rambling,
To Ireland I did fly,
I stepped on board a vision
prepare to get scared I wear a medium
come on Play you know you large
now that may well be but, my mind tells me
to step with pep each time I
I'm that chico that got a fetish with women
Light skin red bones they blow my mind
I'm that chico that'll get em and hit em
Now all of a sudden they
keep ya,
This is my reality want it well let me teach ya

Follow my footsteps who tragically en-triumph
Through flows I give you mind comft
of Nikes 
As I strike, out the door, to my superb 
Parked by the curb, candy coated bird 
The sun got my candy lookin' good enough to eat 
You can tell
of Nikes 
As I strike, out the door, to my superb 
Parked by the curb, candy coated bird 
The sun got my candy lookin' good enough to eat 
You can tell
And even though Dr.Martins don't go well with a Lions Club-tie
He asked if I was hungry, my wallet couldn't speak for me
So I gave him my company
Weapon's my mind!

A lethal weapon..
A lethal weapon..
A lethal weapon..
An assassinator, if the people ain't steppin

A lethal weapon..
A lethal
to the gun show
I was gonna be front row
My mind it used to be sharper than CutCo
Uh oh, uh oh
Somebody came at me cutthroat
Broke open my dome
of the beauty
Clear your mind, clear your body
Reach for the strength within
We are all beautiful people

All my beautiful people, all my beautiful people