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and take me home
I've been too long at the fair
And Lord, I just can't stand it anymore

Well I went down to Jason's
Walked 'til my feet got sore
But I
Nd people tried to put us down, when iTunes bumped a post-Cold War sound.
My generation sat the mecca of malls, Times Square, I'm there, Viacom
To takin' belongings in my ultimate goal
I'll take your China and your silver and your soul
By darkness and night I shimmy up the drain-pipe

The maggot,
a big boy
Why'all ride a similac and oh my Cadillac
Has 50's in the back

Playin' Rick James and Tina, so relaxing
Passed on by the neighbor Red Lane
the house or the car
You can catch me hittin the spliff, sick in the pit
On the fiend like I'm missin my shit, they think I'm crazy
Catch me hittin your
The shit is disguster
Underground with people, lethal, trapped in the desert, surrounded by evil
Yeah, I see your bitch is impressed, my kicks is all fresh