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proud of me 

 She went down swingin' 
 Like Glenn Miller 
 Yeah, she went down swingin' 
 Like Tommy Dorsey 
 Yeah, she went down swingin' 
With Glenn Miller 
Or a song from 
Louis Armstrong 
With Jim Dorsey 
Or Arty Shaw, we 
Know this magic can't go wrong 

Old and lovely 
She's so
like that why'all 
It's like this why'all it's like that why'all 
Ay E Dub check it out 

MC's out there, you better stand clear 
EPMD is a world
Yeah, uhh
Rock on the boards, why'know?
Hahahahahaha, yeah
Yeah yeah, what what
Yo, yo

Whatever I write, I abide by, sayin what I mean
door, I got nuttin' to fight for
I'm sailin' on a boat like a goat - I clear my throat
When I got to Brooklyn, I was broke, so I selled coke
I look in