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tryin ta tell you, ay(Ay, yay, yay, yayerr) 
Ay, ay, hey check this out, ay

Ay, rubberband banks (boye, yoye, yoye, yoing)
Ok, tokyo diamonds
me like family, I can't forget about my girl named Sandy. "Who's
That" my girl from N.Y., Told me whenever I'm in town to swing by. Real love coming
I think the first one is with...
(Are you ready sir?)
Yo, so let's go knock these down so we can be up outta here
(OK, I think I'll start)
of conflicts chomp and stomp em while y'all chillin'
In Tokyo, check it as I choke a slow poke rapper
Capped his ass faster, than a half of pound of crepes'll