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hope he don't cut you
With a deuce-deuce up in his boot in case he gettin' tussles

(And he will)
Let it bang
Let it bang
Let it bang
(And he
ワレワレはThe Space Breakers
ワレワレがThe Space Breakers
Big Bang Start 空を見ろ
ララ1億光年 Over メーン!!
Big Bang Start 我らを見ろ
ララGo Warp 飛ばす!
どうだ!Space Break
Oh Why

Big bang, bi-big bang
It's gettin' bigger by the second
Check it

OK, I'm here to rock the tugboat and bare the others farewell
I shook
on her (name)
Let my nuts hang on em (hang)
Niggas get jammed, they sang on ya (sang)
Nigga said tripping, bang on me (bang)
Gang Gang Gang Gang Gang
bang then it's all the same thing
We can bang it on out, we can bang it out

I dare y'all to violate, we can bang it out
Ice grillin' in my face, we can
if you can handle this
Shit, I can handle whatever
I need you to just bang out!
816 Boyz!

Here I come baby, the aureola mayne!
And the Hennessy
the reverend
I'll probably lose my hearing by the time I'm twenty-seven
It's a shame
But I need that bang
To vibrate my frame
ABS my game
Have to do
Partyin' with the ladies I pull in Mercedes you know we gonna
We kickin' it loud at 3 o'clock on the spot
Pouring liquor around we doin'
bang bang
And I'll be everywhere on the map but

I rep that west
I rep that west
I rep that west
I rep that west
I rep that west
I rep that west
I rep
They say Young Khalifa, why you sound like that?
Then how the fuck you blow it by the pound like that?
How you young but you still run your town like
a ring 
Others sat by the brim 
Tonight high-q site 
Want these innocent 
And the big bang 
Big bang, big bang 
Die like a butterfly
Do the damn thing
My niggaz bang loose

Hawk it's the big hawk
Ready to chalk
With the boom ping, ping
That make the Dre swing, swing
superstring me along,
Come on.

Was there a big bang that I just missed?
Some explosion cause a redshift
'cause you're moving away from me
But What did I
don't want no problems, what are y'all stupid
It's in the music, turn it up let it knock
Let it bang on the block till the neighbors call the cops
giving no passes, why we asking?

How you gon bang if you really ain't from LA
We spray your gang up on the wall
Tell me
And how you gon' fade if you
Fuck big fat bitches that make cliques back off
The way we prove it to y'all
Is just bang niggaz every time we do it to y'all


(in a rhythm the same)
Can I bring a pussy willow up to your door
Bang your piano 'til my wrists get sore
Until you smile
And let me in
it down put it round bouncing threw your town like

Uh bang first play second aim first prey second make dirt day heaven
I'm a crack baller straight
mute at entrance with nothing to draw from

There were the secrets
The big bang and the bigger joke
You seem to know all of them
And injustice makes
And by decree of Rapture Inc. 
We're closing this here market permanently 

Coming down like a ton of lead 
More bang for your buck 
that's probably why y’all mad

Let me raise mine, bang for the Fo’
Pop that shit nigga break it down low
They say the stage with more lights
And the rest is F-L-Y,
You see I go by the code of the doctor of the mix,
And these reasons I'll tell you why.
You see, I'm six foot one, and I'm tons of fun
it bang on the block 'til the neighbors call the cops
The cops gone come but they ain't gone do shit
They don't want no problems, what are y
check my history eventually you'll get told the same nigga big dogs a damn fool a fixture in the game and I play it by my own rules damned if I'mma change
and Delaware
Philly never scared and them niggaz ain't timid there
Them young triggers lose lives by the minute there
It might start but the fight never finish