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in the time of storm
Brings hope when in hopeless
Protects me from all harm

You are my strength 
Strength of my life
Of whom shall I be afraid
Hear my cry, oh Lord, my heart says seek his face
You are my stronghold of whom shall I be afraid
Though I walk through the valley of uncertainty
I never
gonna happen when you die'
Is there anything else'

Fast forward sixty years (sixty years)
Jim's time is drawing near
But he's not afraid to die (I
And another I can't find.
With me roo-run-rority ri-run-rority ri-no-ority-an.

If he be a married man
Then hanged he shall be,
And if he be
God you have shown Your mercy,
through my good and my darkest days.
So whom shall I fear if You are for me, Jesus.

But here I stand unbroken.
of Rosh Hashana
Gathers his family near
"The Lord is my light and salvation
Whom on this earth shall I fear?"
When a young Danish gentile steps into
My inner soul shall, my inner light shall..

[ VERSE 2 ]
I rhyme for cats up in the harbor lights
Prayin they don't starve tonight
And stay positive
records saying that we're a threat to decent society.
Fuck them. I hope we are.
What kind of depraved idiot thinks they can silence others by denying them