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A passing ship
I have found the open ocean
Give me no lip
The waves roll by as I pass on

A sunlit sea
On the first day of April
How fresh the wind
of a reggae band

My baby looks so good but I knew she would
And I'm so glad she's mine
I'm gonna kiss her again while the waves roll in
It's just
truth she disagreed

And on the sand before him
While the waves broke gently white
The ocean listened carefully
As he told her of his life

I have
that is wyrd."

Drowning in the waves which carry me
'cross oceans of tranquility,
Lulled by the eddies of my mind -
Washed up like flotsam
may not ever get them.
We will rise again from ashes one day. 
Until then, just roll me away.
I need to leave but swear I will carry you in me until