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love has set me free
Your light is taking o-o-over me

All of my heart and soul
To You alone
You are the one I want now
All of my heart is
the grace of the Father and death of the Son
I am the one who redeemed you 
By paying the highest price

I am grace and mercy, I am sacrifice
I am
couldn't lift my eyes but all I saw
That beautiful feet, and I heared that voice like music, music to my soul
He said , Father I desire that she will be
maggot, writhing and suckling at the
breast o f its amorphous mother... They-Who-Lurk-And-Breed-In-Limbo... the
squamous sovereigns of the elder void!
Call me up to Your side
Draw me up to Your light
Let it blind me
Lord, refine me
Refine me out of my mind

Music by Peter Furler / Lyrics by Peter
music and lyrics by Corb Lund

I tried my best to stop them, yes, I tried to make them wait

And I appealed to their decency show mercy on this
was I to do with this death in my face?
The crew, blunts, the brew, or get saved by his grace?
I fantasized and I analyzed, understand me?
Would marvel at making their Queen
Infusing the air with Her fragrant desire
And my heart reeled with grave poetry

From grace I fell in love with Her
the soul and you've got the heart
And by the way
You didn't get the part


Ooo don't you send that information my way
I've had a blow-out