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We're professional punkers we come from the suburbs
After 15 years we're still having fun
Now we're over 30 still looking so purty at least we got
David: I...
Melvin: Can turn a grey sky blue, uh...
Melvin: I can make it rain,
Whenever I want it to, huh!
Paul: I can build a castle
Chipmunks roasting on an open fire 
Hot sauce dripping from their toes 
(â??Oh! That tickles!â??) 
Yuletide squirrels fresh filleted by the choir
Call him, ship-to-shore, and reverse the charges.

Locate Melvin Belli
And tell Mel One-Eye Felli was scratched
By Princess Margaret's rose.
[Otis (& then Melvin - spoken)]
By and by, you knew that you make me cry. (By and by, knew you'd make me cry)
And my love for you will never die.
and his partner Juggy
Things was cool, as I remembered
We signed the dotted line, now we Fresh Record members
Had dreams, of fancy cars and limos
And all I
the doors 
Now I don't have to wonder anymore 
Laughin' and a cryin' 
Tossin' that bouquet 
And when you got in that limo 
I drove off the other way
wear uptown heard of his fame
And they bought his name

Now he looks down from a suite
At the silver limo parked out on the street
And he's not just
Check it out, it's the outlaw white dog
Often called by my alias, polar bear
Brain tied like the S&M freak shit
Cold like the ice you're serving
the same 
He took it to the next level, now he's gotta keep it all together  

It's not what you think when you see him roll 
In the limo down the street
perhaps it's just as well
Now we're both doing stretches, I'm in a limo
And you're in a cell
I loved you like a brother, deep down sad
You were the best
Who could look at your soul, just by looking at you
I heard she got these niggas falling at her feet
She knows that no one with her golden crown
Yes you look good in rags
With buns in your hair
Ah, you look good in anything
Ooh, I don't care
Now I've seen class, I've seen tact
I've seen
So long Boss, knock 'em dead, don't worry 'bout a thing
Wish that we could come along, we'd love to hear you sing
The limo's here, your bags are
by the Club Copa
Watchin' shorty lay as she spread on the limo sofa
She asked the chauffer to stop for a Frappachino Mocha
Then she let me blaze it
home in one piece.

In the bar your mates spark celebrity
But you're not fussed by the gay guy on CBBC
Limos fury hen nights to the west end
your mom in '03, but a G ain't ate her
So baby boy, you should tighten up and show some respect
Before I Melvin on you Jody, put my arm on your neck
beer by the cases and a big ole' bag a weed 

Cause she love hustlin' Kelvin 

I leave her with more blue notes than Melvin 

Makes me a hamsandwich
The promise land
Going to the promise land
Yes the promise land
Oh gosh now, through the promise land

Imagine Ghana like California with Sunset
We the fans
Hopin they would be open
Tinted glass
Behind that tinted glass
Crowd waiting in limbo
Is that the limo?
But he don't give a damn
Wait until dawn
The streets will be cool and clean again
Then it's time to go downstairs
And meet the man
He'll be sitting' in a limo with a gun
Gold up for keeps and I ain't sellin' shit
But if they bad enough then come and lick it off a Melvin stick

I am the last of a dying breed
Live by one
know about the high cost of living, 
And some-day you're gonna have to pay some-day you're gonna have to pay

Now a woman like you needs fine things
that bass, that's the crowd's main thing
Bass that ultimate choice
Sprayin' MC's by the shot of my voice
Posses claim old school and new school
Yo, let's get back to the hardcore right now
Underground hip-hop yo (*foreign singing*)
This one's a gangsta tune, whassup fosha?
I'mma send this one