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Take deep breaths and gather the night
A hole that's hardly summed up by taking away
Time unlocks the stall
When there's nothing left to lose,
It's so hard to say goodbye
When there's nothing left to give
When this house is just a hill of bones
Where you and I once lived

If we put it back
nothing left to see
Turn out the light

Stay away from the burning house
Once you get inside you'll never get out
We'll die together before the flames
Nothing left to feel 
Nothing more to do 
Nothing left to give 
Nothing more in you 
Nothing else to have or hold 
Nothing left, but time to go
and you'll survive

E.M.P. took out the radio-- (and our milk-man didn't call)
Flash blinded by the pretty lights, didn't see his bottles fall
Or feel
and you'll survive

E.M.P. took out the radio 
(and our milk-man didn't call)
Flash blinded by the pretty lights,
Didn't see his bottles fall
Or feel
and you'll survive.

E.M.P. took out the radio
(And our milk-man didn't call)
Flash blinded by the pretty lights,
Didn't see his bottles fall

Or feel
Stone by stone I build day by day, 
Until such time as I must pay. 
One by one the thoughts fade away to nothing. 
I'm left with this; 
The apex
Well I guess I've been traveling light my whole life through
Thought if you never own nothing much, nothing ever owns you
Until I looked at you I
fuckin block 
Word is bond I go on 
I'm breaking MC's with vocal tones over real rap songs 
Insane in the brain nothing left to gain 
Grab the mic up
can't give in
'Til the sky turns black
I may get lost


Oh yeah he ran
Hitched, rides
Travelled light
Left his bags behind
cold, nothing left but my shell 
To die while I'm living and burn in my hell 


I pick you apart little by little 
Till nothing is left but
Build my funeral pyre
Stop pretendin'
Got me growin' old
Your tormentin's
Fit to snap my soul

Oh no you're so damned wicked
You got me by
nothing left behind

I'm more than a witches pet
I am more than a beast
I know that I hide in shadows
But there's a little light in me

I know you
and the houses
And the bridges and the fortifications
Until there was nothing left to build with
Now in the silver grey dome of the sky
The birds fly home for
and nightmares
Might scare the folks stuck in the day
But nothing to say
Well I'm way ahead by light years
So beware we keep the lights on
I want to write
happiness and delight
It will only hurt a moment, then it’s gone and you can see
There’s nothing left, to leave a mark

Animal, care for your kind, in
In the dim light of a sacred heart
See the vacant all descending to a left-hand path
Where the dead reign in the godless dark
Every martyr flying
And you had best believe
That you cannot build what I don't need
And I know I need to feel relief
And I know you'll never fold
But I believe nothing
When our labor all retire 
There will be a trial by fire 
Will your treasure pass the test 
Or will it burn up with the rest 
You may build upon
made in every way
Till his greed brought him down
He was blinded by the city lights, now he shivers in the cold tonight
Who will save the lifeguard when
feel alright
It feels good to me, makes my burdens light
It feel good
It feels good to me, makes by burdens light

A little distortion in my left
can build it from the floor
If we hold onto each other,
We'll be better than before.
And brick by brick,
We will get back to yesterday
When I made your
it be my freedom,
Left to my own will?

I thought I, was holding on,
But my heart slipped away.
There's nothing wrong,
That's my song,
I wanna
answers prepared
We build a ladder because we think it's too safe to take the stairs

It feels familiar and it comes naturally
Nothing peculiar no sense