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there waiting
Waiting for something
Anything at all
Nothing at all
Not at all.

*written by Bob Geldof
Counting the days to get away
To pack your bags up on a plane
But see Bob run yeah! See Bob play
Why not talk to Bob today

If you wanna save
Words and music by Bob Hartman
Based on Job 13:22

I've been away for a little while
And I don't like where it takes me
Out of touch I'm going out
It's a red, red glow above the skyline,
Feel the city twitch,
Feel the city wake.
It's a black, black sky by 6pm,

Makes me feel inspired,
Won't hear eleventh hour underbids
Or part with the assets that he thinks are his
Only goes by the manual
To get his increase and human pride

Not even

She wakes up
Still looking lost
And says what's the point of this
And I say not a lot
Still she gets up
And through her weary smile
No trouble, I'll bust your bubble then leave you for ruin
Such come a dime a dozen, fuck some
You lost the race by a dick slut's cum 'cause nuts won
Midnight chillin' at A.M P.M.
Coolin' drinkin' apple juice
In Evil's BM
The sound's up loud
To attract attention
rmoraled tires
On a lowered
to a panther
I keep my eyes on those who pass by
They look to pm dawn the quest for the answer
Mercy mercy me till I see
The end of the human race is Grand
I'm Lost en Los Angeles
Lost en Los Angeles
I'm Lost en Los Angeles
Lost en Los Angeles
I'm Lost en Los Angeles

Not a cloud in the sky, but
A rusty-ass child with tears and snots
Acquired the knowledge, how to master my thoughts
My skinny frail body couldn't fuck with the sports
Six feet

"Lee Harvey Oswald was shot." 

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by
circles, you can take it from me

His shadow begs for mercy that every lost and found
In city after city, town after town
Tortured by the memory
Four by four, eight by eight
Twenty by twenty bars, I demonstrate

I'm on that Richard Pryor, Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali
Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix,
Yeah, that feels sexy right there
Feel us on this one
B. McKnight with Tim and Bob
This is not another love song

See, I know what you're
Because we say so

Na na na
I'm thinking maybe I can't have relationships
'Cause lately they're not making any sense
And, baby, you're the one thing
I got by

Creflo pray Mike Vick payed bobby brown stray Whitney lost weight
Kimbo Slice on the pad when I write
That Mayweather money looking funny in
Illuminated by the hand of God, boy don't seem shy
(I love myself)
One day at a time, uhh

And when they say it's a war outside, bomb in the street
Gun in
flipped you in the river did you see G Mone in the "O"
By the ???
Flippin' this A-G-2-A mutha fuckin Ki'
You best believe we rob yo spot
Why not? We
creative such a boy
And I owe it all to spice one , quick and ghetto boys
So I’m only paying homage

I’m singing this one the lost
In their honor, in
I want to get to know you
I really want to fuck you, baby
I'm lost in your lovin'
I'm simply going to drive you , crazy
I want to be
day job
Know the folk where it virgin Mary toast by the loaf
Thanks bob

Shh, every night at 12 they would march out from the back
With a tray
in the streets all I could do is be me
With Flo Rida, nothing in common I'm not a B.O.B
(Hold up) hustle hard and I'm hands-on I'm a good guy that
that the feelin was right
But if you get lost scream out and admit
That the beat's too fast, slow it down or I quit
I'm not the kind to give you
Walls of grey, nothing good on the radio, not a thought in my head

I know a place we can go and I'm falling
Love so hard that you wish you were ten