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of, my nigga you stay up
Locked down now the town gettin' my pay up
It's Project Pat, the haters scream, "Oh no"
Hypnotize stackin' money by the boat
Yeah,it's on for the 1-9-9-9
Project Pat in this hoe
Putting this ghetto bump in ya speaker
Hypnotize done made it 
You know the business hoe
Now youse a killa
So pull the trigger so
We can let the dice roll
Dem hollow tips in yo' shit'll leave a nice hole
It's Project Pat on the track
a dollar
I don't want to go t county jail no more more more

(Project Pat)
Where is Project? Where is Project?
Here I go here I go
Suckas want to take me
Yeah it's Project Pat up in this
Representin' "Layin' the Smackdown", "North North"
Three 6 Mafia fin a rip it like it's supposed to be
get da cheese, dats by any means
If ya real, then throw ya set, let me see ya sign
Project Pat, from the southside, out here on the grind
on ou pinky pinky

[Project Pat] 
Jumpin out da trizak
Chewin on a sizack
Sippin on some sizurp
Jus slung a bizag
Name iz Project Pat-a
Moet in my
a whole plate and ????? holes
I'm mo south Memphis mane I chopped em at the wig shop
I'm mo south Memphis ????????????????? Infamous


(Project Pat
Yeah it's Project Pat up in this thang
Representin' "Layin' the Smackdown", "North North"
Three 6 Mafia fin' a rip it like it's supposed to be flip
night, I was in the bed, eyes red 
Thinkin' about project pat, and what the fuckin jury said 
Givin' him what they gave him, then they put him in handcuffs
Some people hate that Project Pat and Juicy J on the spot
We pay cash for our cars that we push off the lot
Back in the say they use to say this
(Project Pat)
North Memphis, South Memphis, Westwood, Orange Mound
Niggas ain't barrin' that bullshit make niggas clown
Down with the shit called
6, K-Roc don't play
Don't play with me baby

(Project Pat)
We makn' moves in this rap industry
Like a magician
A legion of neighborhood niggas
to fuck
Sixteen and over to pat
A twelve year old kid got bucked

This week inperium flat lay your ass flat as a mattress
Smack your head off the axis,
Project Pat to fall but the money piles
*** know I'm off the chain, wild as a child
There ain't no need to ask, gangsta's my style

Kept my street,
ride out west they cruise,up north they bend blocks kinda got me confused,from these highways to parkin lots projects ta barbershops I got em as if I'm
Dis bitch, dat hoe, hoe let me see ya pussy
Dis bitch, dat hoe, hoe let me see ya pussy
Hoe, soakin' fuckin' wet, hoe, soakin' fuckin' wet

Project Pat
my horse
Rode down the dark pathway and I turned his head north
Pat struck a trot and he kept it all night
Till just as the east was beginning
Stackin' me some grip, playa can ya dig?

Project Pat a nigga that's down for his crown man
If your ass step I'ma be downtown man
4th floor bound man that's
[Chorus 4x]

[Project Pat]
Fuck around and get gun end, straight up out the pen
From the mane with the sawed-off, lay up off the Gin
You can win if you
Composer was shook
I took your bad looks for joke get your back broke
Deep throat this murder I wrote
The antidote be seekin' like a buried treasure
By every

Now, what if Jimbo's slightly gay,
Will Pat let Jimbo get away?
Everything we've heard him say
Indicated that Jim must pay,
(And it just
the white guts
I'm on the scene, drankin' lean, mixed with Spire in a plastic cup
I'm from the hood, call it North, where Project Pat went to jail and court
weed since '94
In New York, the projects is where we feel safe
Surrounded by the others like us, we embrace
All the bullshit, get you niggas a void
Stick 'em up, Stick 'em up 
Raise 'em up, Raise 'em up

Buck 'em down, 'buck em down (Now that should be fun)     (4X)

[Project Pat]