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... curiosity is around!"
"We're selling records to a totally different audience."
"I take a precaution that nobody else has not stickered my album, I
has not stickered my album, I made
TWO versions"
Verse 2: Brother Marquis
The First Amendment gave us freedom of speech
So what you sayin'? It
I'm down with

'Til I replied, "the Navy Seals outfit"
They told me my album was coconuts so they rewound it
I knew they was hypnoholics by how
But this is the 98 version of that
Biz Mark, one of the founders of this art
Discovered evidence of this disease and documented it
Now the name
spittin' sometimes
Nobody knew you bit off my rhymes
I would just be quiet, stand to the side and let that shit ride
But I'm getting tired of having