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Words and music by bob seger

I was born at the break of dawning

In the last days of the last great war

My father was not in the fighting

And my
Words and music by bob seger

Like the wind that carried ahab

To a far, more distant shore,

To a shipwreck that was certain

Long before.

I can
Words and music by bob seger

I woke up with this feeling

There was something I wanted to say

So I wrote you a song.

Lately girl I've been
Words and music by bob seger

There's the neon sky that I know so well

There's the smoky room where I chose to dwell

Though I hear your heart many
And danced around a Bob Seger tune
And finished up a bottle of home-made wine

I never had to write a girl a song
Had a woman stay this long
And now
Words and music by bob seger

There's a highway
A lonesome stretch of gray
It runs between us
And takes me far away
Out in the distance
Always within
Words and music by Bob Seger
Be-side of "Like A Rock" and on the soundtrack to the movie "About Last Night"

When the sun came up this morning
the motor city mad man in your backyard stalking your cat; scratch fever.

And Bob Barker cried
And Ricki Lake tried to save them
Noah turned right around
the illest MCs
F being cool, when I pass by you feelin' the breeze
I'm hotter than hell, my mission is to burn and attack you
You want it with Swel? Oh well, I