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come and go
No matter what I say
Nothing's set in stone
No matter what I say
Days go by

I know no matter what I say (Saint Cecilia)
Days will
make the money cause ya smoked up the product
        Walkin' round the town, skeptalepsy illaroduct
        Can't be trusted cause you're living in
you're worth
This is who we are, a product of war

I just wish that this itching I have
To be different somehow, would escape me
Cause all these
Like a world religion
Like a perfect product of your fantasy
Embracing me, no rules no leaders
Just the purest power of integrity
All I can see
endorsed by a movie star

TV's got a little piece to dictate
They said you'd believe it 'cos it's a #1 rating
You're the products that you buy,
not ashamed:
Riddle's my middle name.
I'm not a saint,
I've got no complaints:
There's a lot of worse things I ain't.

I'm crackin' up.
You've been a juvenile
With a dolphin smile
With no elbow room
With your body in bloom
You've had your little backyard
Protected by big walls
forum where spineless minds corrupt 
A smile, a product sold with no rewind 
It's the perfect kid for the brain dead shits 

Watch your head 
color when you're miserable

Veronika, Saint Veronika
You can't leave this world behind
So be strong enough to hold onto us
We're still right here by your
Stuck inside a never ending rhyme
But you're comfortable
Just another decomposing alibis
Sing yourself to sleep
Count the days gone by
you like a two by four
Everything you're thinking is just sand upon the shore
Can it make you strong enough?
Are you strong, strong enough?

the stage is set
A product of what we're being fed
Oblivious by design, not susceptible to any mind

I can take what's being given
I can down whatever
Remember when I didn't need you
Well I need you now
To hold my head up high say...

Some days I feel like a saint, I'm so alive
Some days I
for you and me together
do you want to shoulder this weather?
i'm inspired by the things that upset her
you're no measure

every mormon and every
the beautiful and good in this city
None of it was planned
Take me by the hand
Just don't try and understand

Tryin' to be misunderstood
Just a product
and obsessed
And you're overworked
You're over taken by visions of being overlooked
I'm disappointed would the I.D.I.P.P be
To see such our power in our
for you and me together

Do you wanna shoulder this weather?
I'm inspired by the things that upset her
You're no measure

Every Mormon, every
Without regard to casualties
You're a product of society
Controlled by the stress of working

No love for little children
No care for old
that makes some strong
And hurrys you along
Some grow old very quick there
No star ever played the cellar bar
Glass and bottle fights
We saw some
The hours fly by
No work gets done

Some Jewish kids still trying
Some white kids trying too
Millions of real American kids
Don't have a clue
the useless by-products of soulless meat
We are all gone we all sing the same tragedy

Open wide and eat the worms of the enemy
We are the enemies

Have some more grub
And old man he sells them by the shrub
From his old car

Might as well burn to your fancy
No more idle thoughts
Remodeling the wreckage of my past
But when it comes to you
I know I said I do
But I don't, no I don't
My only
If I am hanging by a thread, then you're infinite
If I'm a saint, then you're heaven
My only

Cement for all of our teeth
Spread your
don't even belong there.

Oh Lord, can't you make a sinner a saint,
Why did you start me but run out of paint,
Pass me by, a no-'count yellow man.