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I left it in the living room
Ready to pick up as soon
As I passed through
On the way out to the rendezvous
So the shoebox full of money
you on your cellular phone
There's no way you can hide the won't leave you alone
Cd-rom to Dvd, vinyl Lp to mp3
Welcome to the computer age
You've got
found my soul mate finally
But one day I found out she actually owned a copy
Of Joe dirt on DVD

Oh, no! I said
Hey! Are we lobbing hand grenades, kiddo?
could just pretend
Even if for only one weekend
So come on, tell me
Is this the end?

Drinkin' tea in bed
Watching dvd's
When I discovered all your dirty
desecrated by the human race
Now what's it worth? When do we evacuate to outer space?

Corporate America, look out, look out
Corporate America, who's gonna
picking up more people as we go, 
Introverted sad humans, no internal glow. 
We?ve got to keep driving, cars out of our way! 
I?ve got nascent cargo here
rules, no borders 
Except for those who you choose to accept and live by 

Abolish government is nothing to me 
Forget about god, he's not here to see 
mess with them shawty
My life real shawty blood sweat and tears shawty
Through out these years I done told 'em how it is shaawty
No mills rap niggas
You peel off the skin
Magazines dvds jeez
Where have you been

Easy to spot the perverts today
They're ripe like low hanging fruit
Keep dirty
(Trick Daddy) CHORUS: You off the chain with it, 
You do yo' thang with it
The way you talk it when you walkin girl you slang with it
K-H-J Los Angeles!
Portions of today's programming are reproduced by means of electrical transcriptions or tape recordings
You can hear the music
no thug, gee, I'm more bugged gee
Sleep in the bathtub, get rid of the waterbed

Move your thongs out to the side
Forget the the room, hotel lobby, I
were smitten
By the smooth, suave way
Which my initials were written
So they paid no attention
That the scribbled transmission
Read "Imma get outta here,
move out of my way cause I'm ridin double are
MJ right behind me in a Lexus bubble car

and Click-ish
Like that there nigga, re-cop from Mack Diamond
Pop a collar one time, let me know you're still timin

I'm a Bay nigga, all in L.A. nigga
type in the laptop, quick to spray on
Like crylon, dvd made out of nylon
With the ribbon, kill them with that Larry Bird weapon
Hot now ever since when I
And I wondered if you felt the same
Just say the word, I'll be on my way
I'm just a few, few blocks away
I just want to see your pretty face
wreck 2 Screw tapes
I'm 3 wheelin, poppin trunk, goin down Fuqua
So move out of my way cause I'm ridin double are
MJ right behind me in a Lexus bubble car
F-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-follow for now
For no formidable fights I've been formed to forget
For Pharoahe fucks familiar foes first
Before fondling female
to get down in a cool way
Picture yourself on a beautiful day
Big bell bottoms and groovy long hair
Just walkin' in style with a portable CD player
down my window
I'm candy paint with DVD's and PlayStation 2
I got a mic with a crown on top that say R.I.P. DJ Screw
But I'ma hold it down like it's no
cowboy Genghis Khan?
The choice made, baby. Hey we'd take it back, logged in dropped out, MTV took track.
They sold it back to us and claimed no
a ride for days 
no I don't miss and I sho' don't graze
Bring what you got and I bet it don't phase
I'm a trill ass nigga man it's in my ways
Mark ass niggas stay the fuck up out my way
I'm a true O.G., you can quote what I say
I'm an H-town nigga from around the way
Southside, ridin' Dirty
[Lil' Kim]
I'm the L-I-L to the K-I-M
And not be	-I-G, R.I.P. ba-by
I, rep BK and the, N.Y.C.
Don't no bitch do it like I D-I-D
And, since