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(And we're gonna) sit down by the banks of the river;
I won't be back,
I won't be back,
I won't be back no more, no more.

In that city
the bags to you
And their shoulders are forming a mountain range
They don't invite you in
Though you are of their ilk and by no means strange

When you
the devourer
To avenge to ignite to destroy the name of Israel’s plight

Relentless the attack
Splitter of skulls breaker of backs
In heaps the armies lie
won't be back,
I won't be back,
I won't be back no more, no more.

Blessed are the pure in heart for they'll go,
(Sweepin' through the city).
we last it
Underground in they casket? Ancestors turning
I'm learning something every day, there is no Lazareth
Words like God is Greek or Latin
Come on show me the way

There is no turning back
It's turning right
Well it's turning right...
I've been looking for you

Searching for
of the woodland. 
"Take her there, through the desert shores." 
They sang to me, "This is yours to wear. You're the chosen one, there's no turning back now."
and soon
'Cause this here ship is turning back around and coming back again
I'm gonna take a bite out of your town
And then we'll all pretend the burning
you left
Your words keep ringing in my head

Goodbye is goodbye
Letting go for the very last time
No reason left to fight
Is by turning out
control, assessment will not
Be by humans-There's no turning back

A Surgical Strike
We've taught them not to feel
performance is their task
A Surgical
Changes are happening
It's too late to turn back
What'cha had in mind
Turning into something
Of another kind

Changes are happening
All over
the heavens sing
"Let me love you tonight"
"Let me love you tonight"

added by Eli , Israel
All alone, all by myself, my stare is blank and cold
There's no turning back, the truth of life's unfold
The lights grow dim, an empty stage,
the ground
Shout and the walls are coming down
Yeah, we're running after You

Like a rolling stone, like a runaway train
No turning back, no more yesterdays
Utopia lost in chaos
As the sky turns black
Suicide legacy
There is no turning back
No turning back

Retribution answers cold
through today, the battle will rage, on the attack
We will fight to defend all our own, no turning back
The plan has been made, tomorrow we raid
Frightened by decisions
Escape within your mind
Soon all the decisions are
made for you
And there's no turning back

There's no hope for you
sons and daughters
Another failed attack, there is no turning back
Blood, running down like water
'Cause people gotta wait
Until the judgment comes
and clear?
That there's no turning back
No looking back

Where do I go from here?
Nobody gets away
It's a new kind of fix
For the poor and the rich
there's no turning back again
Like a rose that lies brushed and crumbled on the sand

She was created by heaven now destroyed by man
Destroyed by man
to change

Before it gets to late
And there's no turning back

One by one we fit and then we fall
One by one we fit and then we fall

Lonely is this what
affirmed by family and state then they have no where to flee

Well we should wipe 'em off the fuckin' map they tell me
Cause we don't know when or where they
between the clouds.
There's no turning back,
There's no turning back now.

By the time that we touch down I half believe
You'll be standing at arrivals,
There ain't no train in sight
A crescent moon will soon ascend
As day gives way to night

And I feel home
And I think how far away
I got from home
Back in
go on

The tide is turning
Horizons burning
Your days are numbered
Your future has crumbled

Events obscured by the past