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the strobe lights
Sequins and sex strings
You whisper to me
There's no reason to cry

If God is a D.J, life is a dance floor
love is the rhythm,you are
and much faster

At first I laughed, as if it was a joke
But then my heart skipped a beat, and I lost a stroke
I said to myself, oh no it couldn't be
The J
while my hair is growing white, the strings are turning gray 
one by one they come undone until they fall away 
kiss me idle kiss me idle
Now, girl, you know I’m a rebel, I fly by the seat,
I ain’t into lookin’ too far down the street
I ain’t never had no schedule hangin’ on my fridge
He came to town with a lot of dreams swapped BMG for KFC
And four strings on his Gibson and now he's frying chicken
He swore someday the world
there's no use telling me to leave
I've seen a half of dozen goals but I don't believe
I'm a cynical 'con and I'm much to lazy to change

And I tell my
Tale of the physical trait 
Intoxicated by the bomb as I start to sedate 
Your mainframe 
All speaking on running this thang 
Five J's in the house
friends in a way
No best friend, well one but she's crazy
Grew up to end up a Professor of lazy
The last of six kids that all left town
Seems nobody
don't waste none the air baby "Lazy!!!"

[Chorus] (2x)
Everybody you know, everybody we know (Come on, that's right)
want to spit a rhyme on a beat by
conseillère de Pôle Emploi, nique l'État
J'suis né à Pontoise comme Nicoletta
Ça fait: zdededededex comme la grosse Berta
Logo Medusa, logo Cazal sur nos (?)
(N. Brown/J. Rwakaara)

You're the sunshine in my day
So excited by your moves
By your every way
But I can't seem to find the perfect way
To say I
Tale of the physical trait 
Intoxicated by the bomb as I start to sedate 
Your mainframe 
All speaking on running this thang 
Five J's in the house
Chorus x4
This weed is got me high
So high, so high
This bud is got me high
So high, so high

(DJ Paul)
Mesmorized by the motherfuckin'
Ya'll niggas
Now, here's your chance

[Violent J]
We don't do drive-by's in the wagon
Instead we just get out and stab your fuckin ass
And there ain't no telling how
they Turner-All by all types of rings and j clothes
I went and got some Ernie Ball strings and a rig for shows
Wig-wearin' hoes love my long solos
There's no infinite reckoning in this eternal line
No deeper meaning beckoning in this runic design
So folk me Amadeus
One more time

Verse One: Sadat X 

This is the stick up boom music for styles to flow free 

But y'all know it's me or could you tell by the spree
too damn lazy but you can page me
Lately, been hustlin grams daily
Holdin down my spot on the corner like Champ Bailey
But I know I ain't the only
Old boy Goose bought a new pontoon
Roll out now, hit the lake by noon
You bring the drinks and I'll crank the tunes
Get some hot sun
Jeep full
kush, bottles, shut up, swallow
Tonight I'm living life like there's no tomorrow
Got a couple girls in the Benz
And they all got friends, headed back
Veulent voir nos rôles ici: caner
On a choisi, on s'est cramés
Par les soucis, gros j'suis gavé
Viens pas m'check si t'as trop parlé

T'as trop parlé,
house rockin' Jam-On Production MC
If you want the best, put me to the test, and I'm sure you'll soon agree
That I got no force ?cause I'm down by law
that well, some of you know 
You see him with me a lot, he's like a brother 
Violent J's in this motherfucker 
(I like that kid Violent J) 
Hey Moe!
And I serve lazy fools like fast food chains

All pain no gain
Makes the brain insane
Life in the fast laneT
He flakes the cash gains (for real)
on a four-leaf clover
To be the E double E over and over
You're intrigued by the way I do my thing
(Do what?) Pick up the mic high and make it swing