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Do you remember our last trip to Mars?
When we just stared at a shimmering sky
And we got crushed by millions of 
Sparkling stars
It was no fake,
collide with mars
Have you heard it in the bars
In this low society

No more pay and lots of leisure
In this low society
Low society

I'm just doing what I
Sand and stars
The secret life of planet mars
Somewhere I can feel the sun
There's something in the air between us

Let it rain
Nothing ever
The princess of the emerald glass 
Brought me one step nearer 
Love's infernal past... 

They say Hell hath no furies 
Like a woman scorned by life 
To the ones that we’ve forgotten and labelled as insane
In institutions rotting secret mars of family shame
Bound tightly and injected
Subdued by
a cop's town 
Keep it safe for me while I chase a fantasy 
Swervin through the galaxy, searchin for a family 
Happily surrounded by planets and stars
Leave it to us to manufacture the glass house to display your ripped up rag dolls. 
Well it's no secret, we all want a cigarette and coffee break.
lies, to our children
Telling lies, to our babies
Only truth, can take us...
Verse 2:
I don't want no computer chip in my arm
I don't want to die by
never knew! did you? you worm.

We had special atomic glasses women optometrists who promised never to tell!

We learned how to hide secret
of jealousy and envy when they pretend we
Friends with secret plans to offend me

Lately I ain't been gettin' no sleep
See my homies in the street and them