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Hatred rising hatred of your kind
Reasons denied and your soul 
Lies dead inside

No salvation
Dig your own grave
No salvation

Oh, ask the dust
No harm will come between us
Oh beautiful, radiant child
Eyes azure, vow to me

Your golden heart
Ooh, she moves in silence
Imprisoned in imaginative walls
Stoical glances reach no destination
Fallacy, looking for salvation
Points of contact are missing for an etemaly
love has to die 
No one even cried we were one of a kind

Love left me stranded at the station and the last train's gone by
What was once holy water
tears heaven apart

There is no salvation
The end is failing no need to remain
This stained procession of religious failure
Is the birth of tragedy

you, you for me
There's no chance of world salvation
Less the conversation's peace

We can't pause, watch and say "no" this can't be
When there's
Trying to get sanctified
No more condemnation, repented
Jesus brought salvation, He saved me
Justification brought me safely to His side

And as I get
them. convicted by the conspiracy to commit. your life rut got you down. no salvation. no reason for hesitation. you're cure. decide to die. no law, no
Razored To The Bone
Imagine your future like the truth was not told
Ahead lies destruction salvation ignored
The vast generation some found
of war, seeking some salvation
Last wish, fatality
I've no land, I'm from nowhere
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Face the enemy
Manic thoughts
Time passes by,
And all that's left behind,
And the days of eternity.
There's no souvenirs.
Still the statue stands,
Bleeding scars of humility.
And they
Awaiting for salvation

Blaspheming, forgiveness, 
You'll find no sanctuary here
Deceptions entwining your realm
Your demons,
Where do I go when there's nobody else to turn to?
Who do I talk to when nobody wants to listen?
Who do I lean on when there's no foundation
morning comes 
Seek the sweet salvation for what we've done 
Give up resisting one by one 
One by one 
He gives a new kinda meaning to what I am
I know
been drift by your spirit, just sit
If you would [Incomprehensible], no joke I'd be killed

Would you bet on anything I desire?
Take back my fire, take
Disgusted by your weakness
You have no right to live
To know you is to hate you
But your life's yours to give

You monkey see, you monkey do
No comfort

Fear, in the face of the unknown
Born to die in a lonely world
Hostility, breeds within the void
Left by the loss of understanding
a fake salvation

Now you all are dead, time to face truth
No heaven, no hell, nowhere to exist or dwell
You're turning into mud and dust, fertilizing
want to be a better man

There's no new leafs left for me to turn over
I'm in a prison built by my own hands
I pray at last I've found salvation
You make
morning comes 
Seek the sweet salvation for what we've done 
Give up resisting one by one 
One by one 
He gives a new kinda meaning to what I am
I know
go to the one that I know I need to go farther if it's no bother
Take me higher [Repeat: x 3]

Step by step, just lead me on the path that I've been
In the shadow powery
No foe can withstand
Angels lifting up
As the Lord commands
Under His wings shall be found
Refuge and fortress
Not to fear
Congregation congregated in his house of god
Entombed by their almighty savior
Revelations misinterpreted ignite his flame
Removed from the human
The tears fell from her eyes
The emotion within her
Has taken him by surprise

He need no eyes
To see that she's bleeding on the inside
The maker of her
Sung by everybody 
Hear me brothers, hear me sisters, 
Citizens and comrades hear my song. 
The old life's dead the order's changing 

It's time