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29 Palms

She's a yip-yip-yippy-eyed dolly
A new kinda gal of the west
And yip-yip-yippy by-golly
Whatever she does, she does her best

had their arms
Around the lady from 29 palms
(instrumental break)
She's a yippety-yippety-yippety-eye-oh, what a dolly
A bronco that no one can break
Hiawatha's Departure

By the shores of Gitche Gumee, 
By the shining Big-Sea-Water, 
At the doorway of the wigwam, 
In the early Summer morning,
to the pond

Kissed my sweetheart by the chinaball tree
Everything I done is between God and me
Only he will judge how my time was spent
29 days of sinning
speak American
And how they chains swung a medallion iced out pelicans
And how they stay wit four pounders
And speak American to try to blend in
breakfast by the side of a building.
you said "a plane is nothing if you compare it to a pelican"
and i was hoping that the diner sort of place could be