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gotta tell me somethin',
Are you here in hollywood long?
I mean, I just...
No, I'm ah, we're recording here in town
You're recording here?
PRESIDENT GEORGE BUSH (was followed by "No new taxes," a promise he would not keep) 

"We, the jury, in the above entitled action, find the defendant,
of the great white way

Accepted by Manhattan's elite
In all the places that were chic
No party was complete without George

Along the boulevards he'd
of the great white way

Accepted by Manhattan's elite
In all the places that were chic
No party was complete without George

Along the boulevards he'd
There's a vibes about the time
And it's real and I can feel it every day
How they choose to refuse the good news
And then lose and go astray
But I
my disbelief 
And bathed me with her ever-smile. 
And with a howl across the sand 
I go escorted by a band of gentlemen in leather bound 
of that bold (bold),
New (new) breed (breeding)
That extinguishes itself
By markings which resemble a
Wide tie
Directly below the
White collar

If it's
of punch crunch time,
Blowin' like landmines, 
Brainless bodies droppin' in no particular order, 
Prepare for slaughter ammunition is gettin' shorter,
Catch us on smokin groove
Rules house of blues
MTV News
On the bus with my Flipmode loco (loco)
Takin flicks
Hittin chicks by the dozen (dozen)
[Ghostface Killah]
Aiyyo, turn those lights down while I'm recording!
Matter 'fact y'all niggaz get the fuck out the room, G!
Straight up! Sipping
wanna have you goin' by my side
You'll be Bonnie and I'll be Clyde, with no particular place to go
We'll hit the key make the motor run
Talk about it
Wanted to dispose of this and that
But curiosity had killed the cat
At this age no wonder it was read
But this was the fate that you were fed
walked a crooked mile, I know 
I had more time than money, I had no place left to go 
Closed my eyes and chose a destination like any good refugee 
crisis around without resorting to Nazi bullshit like oil wars and drug wars by just saying no! to George Bush.

And if people knew that the very
of flags half-mast

Raise a glass

I go back to New York and my apprenticeship

I ask for French aid, I pray that France has sent a ship

I stay
while Heavy D sticks to ya
a new type of tune'n, risin, boomin
When I need a cut I see Scott, for proper groomin
I'ma go on and flow on and turn my
Overlapped and hooded
Skin repeated like Stutterin' John
I repeat like yesterday, it don't stop
George of this poor life pop, put to Scarlet
In a place she
Party people, in the place to be
From the same man, who brought you Da Bichez
(Da Bichez, Da Bichez, Da Bichez)
We were misunderstood, last time
The hottest to spit, widen as my logic permits
By all means, I deposit the rent, with no rules
My gangster way deeper than Pro-Tools
Old school,
why you chose that particular place to meet
Ah, but you were right, it was perfect as I got in behind the wheel

Well, we drove that car all night into
to act a fool
The new no limit, we don't play by the rules
I came to party, not to clap tha game
To get tha see out of jail cause it's time to get paid
than I, so approved by Carly Simon.
Most rappers is real hard, but still hardly rhymin'.
To all - rise and shine; give God the glory.
I already give
I'll turn the whole New York into Bucktown
A 'Face ain't real Scar'red, cause I real hard
And I ain't no bullshit bodyguard
Walk the streets
of attention. It served as
a chilling reflection of my own wretchedness and my greatness. It was the
one place I could go to see inside myself, to find love, in
to that, silently collect your buck
cuz our patience has worn thin
we aren't entertained
this mismosh of malarkey
can not be sustained
it must not go