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Never leave me alone

I am shrill but no avail
You follow me still
The screen reveals my frown
Fills it with glee
Night never fails
To locate
Go away from me.
I just want to flee.
The god i used to be.
Fill me no more with glee.

Where am I now?
Upon whom to bestow,
The Secrets
When the dark wood fell before me
And all the paths were overgrown
When the priests of pride say there is no other way
I tilled the sorrows
of flies with cocktails in his conch shell
Don't rescue me, no
This is my home sweet home dear
Don't rescue me, no
I am far from alone here
Cast away
when another soul passed by

Marooned and stranded on the islands of the damned
There is no one on earth to take my hand
There is no voice to speak,
My Prussian-blue electric clock's 
Alarm bell rings, it will not stop 
And I can see no end in sight 
And search in vain by candlelight 
For some
when another soul passed by

Marooned and stranded on the islands of the damned
There is no one on earth to take my hand
There is no voice to speak,
that pass me by 
I'll do what I know is right 
No failure shall befall me this time 

I cast doubt (No longer) 
I am able, I am strong 
And now it
Crack of the lightning splitting the ground
Thunder is sounding, artillery pounding
Wrath of the Nazi's cast on Bastogne
Facing their forces alone
mocks each tear that falls
And I cast a lonesome shadow on these lonely, lonely walls

He's always by my side at night no matter where I go
He lurks
you thought you had to go
And if you1d rather be alone
Then be the first to cast the stone

Waves break upon the shore
As winter leaves by every door
and someone to brake. Life is full
Of glee, with someone to saw and someone to see. Life's a happy song when
There's someone by my side to sing along

'm fishing
Fishing foe fillet of soul
I've got to be where I've got to be
Can't catch no fish if I'm not in the sea
With glee, yipee skippy
Here fishy,
Askin' why Joe wanders out no more

What will the kitten do, mother, all alone
Will he stop from his frolic for the day
Will he lie on his rug by
are from mine
But may we keep in contact with no stand by?

Don't you think it's too much like fire and ice?
Yours is Home Alone while I watch
always catches up with you
So afraid of what you'll do
When no one's there to help you choose

And if you ever decide to speak the truth now
When they
Cast in silver and gold
I boast in the Lord
The servant of the poor Now

Blessed is the man that trod
In the ways of God
Never turn by back
makes you feel like you're three foot tall
When it's just you times can be tough
When there's no one there to catch your fall

Everything is great,
the midst of it all
While I look behind
And all I see is that broken tree of old
Alone in the cold

Cast aside by a moment in time
Derived by a quest in
Tell the world the new order's here

Cities turn to battlefields
A deadly spell is cast
Corpses falling one by one
Until the last
The preacher
I'm by myself alone

No one knows better than I myself
I'm by myself alone
Alone, alone, alone
I'm by myself alone
Israel, in Is-ra-e-a-e-el!
In Israel, in Is-ra-e-a-e-e1!

Shattered fragments of the past
Meet in veins of real stained glass
Like the lifeline in your
must know a looking-glass
Is made from sand?
These youngfish are fooling you
About this banjo man."

"Come then aged starfish
Riddle me no more,
I used to know this old scarecrow
He was my song
My joy and sorrow,
Cast alone between the furrows 
Of a field no longer sown by anyone.
I held
Raging waves sweep this heavy heart. 
Cold is the colour of the dark. 
Find a byway and climb that hill, 
Watch the thunder cast a spell.