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My name is Hank Snow I'm from Nova Scotia Canada)

I've tried my best to tell you that I'm leavin' I won't be back no more after today
live, I feel most on
A corner of space that you don't run
And guard's off, I pass you by
Makes no impression as you stand
Makes no impression holding
a big impression
But I know that all she needs is my tender
Love and affection
Cause she still says

That no one's gonna get it
No one's gonna get
here again wish i was somewhere else what's worse than feeling by yourself? judgmental condescending thoughts go on still pretending barely by
When you got nothin’, you got nothin’ to lose

I may have no-one else to blame, but listen to me
You and I, we were once the same
I may have
fascinated by somebody else)
Yesterday I was fascinated by somebody else
(yesterday I was fascinated by somebody else)
Yesterday I was fascinated by
Between you and your wrong impression 

Ok that’s my opinion
But everybody else agrees
Hey self defeater
You’re underrated by yourself so quit looking
I knew how it felt to be another one in need of someone 
To show the way until you saw a part of me that nobody else could 
See and my life hasn't
Right there I was crushed
By the sledge of rock (rock!)
By the sledge of rock (rock!)
I just can't seem to get enough
Of the sledge of rock
someone else's melody
It wasn't really me
Somehow I took myself for granted
In someone else's eyes

I saw reflections of a girl I was who caught me by
march home to the witch's castle
They will all need your help
I can hear them calling, calling out for you, father
For there is no one else that can
never penetrating, always contemplating
We sit and count the blessings but we're blessed by icons
No one else could trust in ice cold ice cold ice cold
And it don't help me, no it don't help me,
First impressions often lie,
They often fool the naked eye.
I think I recognize a friendly face I've seen
You will be mine
Even if you're somebody else
Girl not for long, girl not for long
'Cause I'm your type
If you've got the wrong impression
Of a strange drug
Set the leathery skin of a female
Straddling a furnace

Illuminates in blue
Hands melt against its surface
Feel no pain
The ignorance of your insecurities
What you have created should be for you

Your impressions lie on my skin
No need to burn to be washed away
I walk a path
Talk to the trees
That's why they take me away
I married the game so no one really sees what it's done to me
A little obsessed by how much I
Almost every day during the hunting season you see at least one item in the newspapers about somebody who has shot somebody else, under
Sorrow - for letting someone else
Define you know who you are at every age
What impression am I making?
I see me as other people see me

I love to be annoyed by you
No one else can annoy me like you
I love to be held only by you
No one else can hold me like you do

And I wonder why I
the right impression
The instrument of truth
A soldier with no weapon
I care so much for you
I crawled a thousand miles
Through deserts full of sand
No, you won't leave your mark on me
I'm protected by an honesty
And all the dead people in the world
To scare, to give
You won't leave your mark
Almost every day during the hunting season you see at least one item in the newspapers about somebody who has shot somebody else, under
Let me out
Don't tell me everything
Start it out
Like any other day
Must have gave the wrong impression
Don't you understand where I belong?
I'm not
on ourselves
Let it straight by the words of somebody else

And oh the life of a man
His head above the water and pushed under again
And oh I've seen it one