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was no way to drive along 
The roads back in those mountains 
But Dr. Thomas got there 
Just the same 
He often rode on horseback 
To get where he was
Askin' why Joe wanders out no more

What will the kitten do, mother, all alone
Will he stop from his frolic for the day
Will he lie on his rug by
of youth my mother took sick
And I was brought up by my brother

The iron ore poured as the years passed the door
The drag lines an' the shovels they was
of youth my mother took sick
And I was brought up by my brother

The iron ore poured as the years passed the door
The drag lines an' the shovels they was
of doubt
While Thomas More waits in the Tower of London
Watching the sands running out
And measures the hours out
From here to oblivion
In actions that
Coltrane and her cosmic strains
Still no vocal on blue black horizons

Your plasticity is tested by a formless assault
The sun can answer questions in
[words & music by Thomas C. Hansen]

Going back in time, long before the human kind
When there was no evil minds
Driven by a force, let the nature
mistakes allowed

E-M-C-E-E, I-C-E-T, A-N-D, DJ Evil E
Doggin the deck like it's never been done before
You had enough?  "MORE!"
Here we go, I'm about
to keep my fam tight even if we don't hang out no more
Ya still my man aiight, see money changes many things
You go from just gettn' by to shopping
[words & music by Thomas C. Hansen]

No more time to waste
Let's fly into space
Crossing the universe
I can see the star light

With the speed
that you a devil by them rhymes you're designin' 
Your play doggin' tactics can't fuck with my facets 
Just because you talk all that glock shit don't
no one else is in
The room where it happens	 
Thomas claims

Alexander was on Washington's doorstep one day
In distress 'n disarray

The sound of you will be no more

Whatever you had said or ever done
Won’t justify the pain that you went through
We all have different destinies in life
they’ll be no more fast times
Just his weak mind scrolled out like a bad sign
He never had enough and got confused when they asked why
Life is only a moment
[Featuring Killa Tay JT Tha Bigga Figga] 
We dump slugs and fuck thugs for their drugs 
When push come to shove ain't no motherfuckin love 
The Hamilton Mixtape
The Hamilton Mixtape

Valley Forge, winter 1778
Thomas Paine

"These are the times that try men's souls
How does Hamilton, an arrogant immigrant, orphan
Bastard, whore's son
Somehow endorse Thomas Jefferson, his enemy
A man he’s despised since
"A cause for regret"
Wrote the Brigadier-General with the chemistry set.
"Can't be more specific - the matter's confidential,
Links with other
No way in the world that you can deny my method
As my record rotates,my words get more impressive
I'm an M.C., Evil's my Dj on Sire Records not
of the world when you're the only
One with the balls and your shorts
To leave them jaws on the floor with no re-
Morse, remember that when they get to doggin
and disliked, you know that, sir

(Yes, I know)

But I say you should write it, Franklin
Yes, you

Hell, no

Yes, you, Dr. Franklin


cry no more
Wonders what his heart is beating for
Says he takes it much too hard
Give my regards to B.J.

In a fit of rage he tore down all her
ground ground 
Cut up in soul soul by the pound pound 
I'm going downtown like Julie Brown I'm the round mound 
Not a rebound but like a hound I get
ain't starvin' like Marvin and won't see no roach
When ya chill wit the rich folks in the hood
Ya sittin' on leather watchin' big screens
Bought by
every smiling face

Please, no more words
Thoughts from a severed head
No more praise
Tell me once my heart goes right
Take me home

Get away, run