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about what you might have been,
Who needs controlling when they've got the cathode ray?
They've got your fucking soul, now they'll fuse your brains
get f*****g cheesy on this s**t
But, does that even matter?
You know what I'm saying, juxtaposition man, juxta f*****g position
My n***a Jaden Smith
Still slanging that P-I, E what I bring by
Me 50 cal, pretty desert up my sleeve, I
Still hugging that corner so tight it can't breath, I
Can't let it
de shit gwine hit de fan in a minute!

What? something bad is going to happen?

You figgit out...judgin' fum de
matter what happens she ain't going back to Philly
Back to our regularly scheduled programmin'
Of week content of slow jammin'
But don't worry, this
's happenin to me) of a hundred guerillas
(What's gonna happen?) Welcome to the new world
We gonna give you a name (What is you talkin about?)
What should we