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I'm more than what
Meets the eye
Flesh 'n' blood is
Often a white lie
By the cover you misjudge
The book
Open your mind and take
Another look
of the need to survive
And I go on looking for comfort, I can no longer see to the left or the right, but

I walk with my head held high and naked in the sun
longer hear them cry
Soft and quivering, abducted minds
I no longer hear them cry
Cold and shivering, abducted eyes

Malformed poser's ego raping mind
You know
What it feels like
To be naked
To be ground by
Giant pennywheels

I dream
No one. Yeah there's
No one that can't hear
The agony of the gardens ingesting
Persisting world of fleas

Streams of resolution
No longer issued worthwhile
Comprehending the absurd
No time for
Ain't it scary deep inside
Aren't you naked with no pride
Let me turn you on
Oh, I can feed you lies
Let me turn you on

It's no longer a game
never been to Memphis 
No - we ain't never been to Memphis 
Don't sing to me 'bout no wanderin' star 
Or standin' by ya man an' his slide guitar 
[Intro: George Bush]
"There's an old saying in Tennesse, I know it's in Texas, it's probably in Tennesse
 that says fool me once... shame on...
And faint through the water
The lights like brittle stars
Someone called her name out
She no longer hears the cars
is there by grace I am raised to life
Now no longer I but Christ in me

I will run to the cross
Where You opened up my eyes
I will sing
when you look at me, baby, I'm helpless as a child, naked to the eye

It's like a fever and a spell, unbroken by a sigh
Oh, when you look at me, baby,
washing over me, oh oh
Join me dancing naked in the rain
Cover me in ecstasy, oh
Oh oh
Smoke is in my eyes
Drifting from the burning cries
Of those
On naked skin I feel their glares
Embarrassed of what they might see
I cannot speak, I cannot think
Scared to death I move no longer
Yes, I
washing over me, oh oh
Join me dancing naked in the rain
Cover me in ecstasy, oh
Oh oh
Smoke is in my eyes
Drifting from the burning cries
Of those
different person
Inside my head
No more trudging around
Stony eyed through the town
Like the living dead no
It's love that lifts us from the dark
Is it God by
seek no bliss

X-ray visions, eye in the sky
And the naked being led by the blind
So Bottoms up, Socrates
Hemlock straight up goes down easy

With open eyes
No longer tortured by sermons of lies
Watching it die
Faith crumbles as the angels they bleed

[#1] Losing grip on reality
you keep 
In the eyes of the confessor

In the eyes of the confessor
There's no place you can hide
You can't hide from the eyes (of the confessor)
There is a house at the dead end street,
A place where god no longer dwells
A desecrated chapel where they meet
To open the gates of hell
A wire in my mind has finally snapped
No longer am I held to binding rules
Driven insane by the actions of animal man
Too much becomes nothing for me
got Eyes
I'll have a Sight for You
Long as I am Alive Baby I'd Die for You
Wanna Be With You

Wish I could Keep You Much Longer
I know You gotta Go
door (how much longer?)
And he's weak with evil and broken by the world (how much longer?)
And he's shouting your name and asking for more (how much
My sister come look quickly
I can't believe my eyes
All through this burning city
The naked spirits fly

Say hello, say goodbye and walk on by
released out of my head, the pressure pulled out by regret I don't neglect I run away! So now I'm facing up to a whole new life no longer more am I afraid
the meadow bed
The old clock has stopped, no longer ticking
No longer counting every second

Out by the car, our snowman's melting
Nothing can bring ‘em