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doop dah
And Beenie Man, me a de girl dem sugar pot
Doo doop doo doop doo doop dah
More gal we a request a more we want 

Hot hot hot like a lava 
dem again 

Verse 1 (A.R.P.): 
New year started oldies gone once again 
We are striving, going to stay true 'till the end 
It's A.R.P. and Beenie Man
but like jeans y'all fade out, whatever
Fly out the crew hit the beach in Miami
Niggas watch me shake my fanny in my iced out panties
Beenie Man
Likkle Kim longside Beenie Man (Zagga zow zow zow)
Bummbaaaaa!!! Star!!! Yo yo!!!
America, Caribbean, a matter a fact the world, were comin' at you
We making crazy money so stop watching what we spend 
We multiply by ten 
Selassie fly the gate 
I trample all my enemies cause man a hold
the musical Youth like Beenie Man longside J 
Sing for the girls dem night or day
Moving out the girls dem way
Zagga zagga zen na na
We na play 

Drop top
forget my niggas Double R.
Mr AC Burrell, on ya tip. 
We show the streets together, how we get down 
How we do this.
Hey Beenie Man, let's rap yo.
So I'm kinda glad he took the lie detector
Now I know the truth so you can get the boot


(beenie man)

[VERSE 2:]
Haile Haile I - O 
Haile Haile I - A 
Haile Haile I, Haile Haile I 
Now we flying away 

[Beenie Man]
Remember that! 
Serious thing!
am a girls spec
I'm like that, keep looking
You haven't seen anything yet
Who I am? my name is Beenie Man
The skinny man
I ain't no joker
I ain't
Beenie, stay by mi side when nothing nah 
Gwaan, but now mi turn big super star no 
Bother think mi a go run left mi fat gal dawn 
out a sky like a falling bird
Tell beenie people in a dem beenie world
Che Dapper him na waan kill no more beenie bird
Me no waan no powder fe powder

Memories don't live like people do
They always 'member you
Whether things are good or bad
It's just the memories that you have
The Beenie Man
Intro by Beenie Man: 
It's a dancehall thing 

Chorus by Chevelle Franklin: 
She's a dancehall queen for life 
Gonna explode like dynamite
how yuh make mi stretch to the ceiling 
Oh Beenie Man it is impossible I can't stop wucking with you 
Mi man can't you feel it too, yuh wuck me like
how yuh make mi stretch to the ceiling 
Oh Beenie Man it is impossible I can't stop wucking with you 
Mi man can't you feel it too, yuh wuck me like
Beenie Man a sing a ting 

From the day mi know miself, man a born of mammal 
Although yuh smart, dem sen yuh guh a Jamal 
Teach yuh how fi
I can't see it

[Chorus: Beenie Man]
Dis bad man you get shot, anyways
Bad man nuh tek back chat, no day
Jamaican bad bwoy seh dat zigga, zigga
Well it seems like total destruction 
Di only solution, so sing a long 
Ain't no U-U-U-S-E none a dem caan stop us now 
So Beenie Man and Silver Cat
dis Beenie Man a dead man 
Future, Future Troubles pass mi mi gun no man 

Tell dem say a water house mi born 
And a graig town mi jam 
How dem fi
It's like a play some bwoy a play
Mi hear di girls callin'
mi hear di girls bawlin' 
mi hear di girls cryin' out
She seh Beenie

I want
and Beenie Man once again 
On and one, on and on 

Chorus (A.R.P.): 
On and on, we keep the storm 
Now a new year start and the old one gone 
feel say you're bad you can get we out 
Mr. Banky the producer you shocking out 
And everybody in the dance them brukking out 
When Beenie man upon
yuh, head and all yuh belly 
Dis bad man well yuh dead like - - - 
Well yuh a hear we dis 

Any pussy any body, any puss any 
Any body stabby, dis
[Beenie Siegal] 
Beenie Siegal 
Philly is where I'm from 

[Beenie Siegal] 
We from P H I L A period PA period Eve they hearing it