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the span of ten years
Bitch I'm ten times two on a scale of one to ten
I'll battle ten crews with the strength of ten men

At nine, I was into crime,
with me. 
And even on your block smoke them like a fucked up bell, 
Can't be caught by no Po-Po's can't be put in no slammer. 
I don't be fucking with
This is my mother fucking house, eh I'm by the front door
Here about a blond haired bitch name Sisco
She'll do anything for daddy man the bitch go
with me. 
And even on your block smoke them like a fucked up bell, 
Can't be caught by no Po-Po's can't be put in no slammer. 
I don't be fucking with
they fucking with the wrong nigga, you know?
It's like, why you fucking with the wrong nigga

I was raised by thugs, schooled by killers
Learned my
"I got fury in my soul,
Fury's gonna take me to the glory goal.
In my mind I can't study war no more."

Gonna take you to the glory
Oh I can't study
a rapper dead or alive fucking with me
Ask the last bitch that tried to come and get me
Talk about paper, I can talk about broads
I can talk about movies,
profound and now it's sitting there
Surrounded by the damage of the state
Another victim of the refuse
Now I've been saying this for years
But you don't
rat trap (666)
First the front then that backstab
You dwankie right hand bitch got no flavor
Looking at me like a fucking screensaver
Uh, and you big
a king (an evil king), who dreamt the wickedest of dreams
An ancient mystery no prophet could interpret
Of seven years of famine; the wolf is at my door
For every drop of pain
No turning back now it's done
Everything is said 
I am evil 
I am pain
I am the PunkinHed

Thirty seven years cold and resting in
a bitch
We don't like you fuckin bitch
We'll kill you like a bitch


[Chyna White]
Ain't no hoes fuckin with this bitch
I put years in this
think you can't drop 'em no more
War ready nigga put some change on your head
Damn right, fuck around, clear my safe out
I got a few digi scales
Torn by anarchy
Herretics burned for their derision 
Of the holy See

Seven, Hundred Years on
World, do you recall
Just what happened then
around you
Wage the war on the weak
weak (repeated until end of song)

(Wage the war on the bastards)
(You wage the war on the street)
(You fucking

[Chorus: x2]
Who you think you fucking with (bitch!)
Who you think you fucking with
Who you think you fucking with
Who you think you fucking
Johnson originally proposed an outright ban covering discrimination
  by everyone for every type of housing but it had no chance from the start
frowns, no daps, strapped three times 
That Tec-eleven, A-K forty seven, one Beretta, ready for whatever 
Tell them pussy niggas come together
jewels in this snow white mink
Kanye shoes sorry no ID, John Legend flow the magnificent me
Roll hard give me molly coffee by the key
Got the weed roll
I call collect get me a 38, now bitch is on
9 millimeter, baretta to 40 cal
By 23 fresh up out the box, bitch I hold it down
I hit the stroll with
that seven year itch been and put you in a ditch
And you're gonna blow your brains out

Never saw her cheatin'
All you heard was your own poor heart
Ever since I been chopping up these messages
Always been light years ahead of this
Ready for fucking bread is where my fetish is
I know that it
Bitch you know the code
I'm Boosie boo I'm a Hot Boy
No I can't be faithful hoe
That's why I want a hot girl
Never back down go, to war
Anytime a day
for the cash, money and the fame?
So what if ... is fucking up your brain?
Yo-Landi Visser is the shit up in this bitch.

I rap for 20 years, never made
I killed the rumors that I'm running out of gas, no

My back piece, black ink by ? war chiefs
Speech pay a hose, Palomino, bow and arrow flow