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they have seen
Don't you never try to look behind my eyes
You don't want to know what they have seen

Some people think
That if they go too
her, struttin like she Kimora
She'll take a kilo and stuff it up in the coochie
Quicker than Ron, stash it between her coochie (ha ha)
Breeze through
Ride with us; take you to a level that you never seen
Puttin' in work just to live the dream, for those that said we couldn't
Live this
There's none beside You God
There's none beside You God
I love my life to shine Your light
'Cause there's none beside You God

No eye has seen
No ear
There's none beside You God
I love my life to shine Your light
'Cause there's none beside You God

No eye has seen
No ear has heard
The depths of Your love,
Which has got me on the sofa, no degree but growing older
I played a fool to catch the wise I will never tell a lie
Await death, take deep
Falling faster as time goes by
Fear has not seen through these eyes
What there was will never be
Now I'm blind and cannot see

Kiss me while I'm still alive
Holy smokes land sakes alive I never thought this would happen to me 

ah-ha, yeah, ah-ha yeah
I got stung by a sweet honey bee
What a feelin
what the game about
Got caught up short
Because you tried to save a drought
The streets is hot
Live with yo' eyes and ears
Mouth closed, on ya toes
I can no longer hear you call 'cross the airwaves
Fog on the line has shaken my will not to yield
The one left here, my command all gone down
Its Progress Has No Limits
And Neither Do The Eyes
Of The Subterranen Cynic
The One Who Must Hide
For All This Time
He Has Chosen A War Path
He Will
a quail-o then I lay low
Inside a mansion, Nokay-do

50 cents Fake-o Bay-bro
No see's in my lie
I need weed to get high
I need cheese to get by

fight to hold it all inside our hands
Somehow we think we'll understand
What no eye has ever seen and no mind comprehended

Blind man deaf boy
don't pay when you're livin' by the trigger

[Chorus x 2]

Yeah, it's the master of the who, what, where, and the why 
But, still, I got
as innocent by His Holy eyes
Never thinking foolishly there is something He won't see
For our lack of righteousness there is no disguise
He won't look
darkness that you've ever seen
Keep your eye on my finger and listen to the sound of my voice

Get your subliminal decree and your false security
Be all
Oh mama, ain't no time to fall to pieces
He has arrived, He has arrived
Led by the grace of God go I
I don't know what they mean
I don't know
Not as long as we both shall live,
Sworn to resentment I can never forget,

No empathy for you will ever fill this heart of mine,
I wait the day
does she want
To die

When I hear these
Failure and destiny are
So linked
I stand frozen by her
Petrified like those who
Saw Medusa
And that's no mistake
So sit yourself down
By your ugly date


What's ugly to you might be
Pretty to me
So I keep my eyes open
Stand and rise and before your eyes 
The lions will appear
And when they do they'll be filling you 
With all the lies you will need to hear

If you'll steal a lil' kiss from your faith

Do I live as I live or as I do? don't you forget who told you:
"when life has no value death has it's
a problem 
Juvenile delinquents so to speak 

But understanding isn't learned from punishment and anger 
An iron has no gentle touch and love ain't learned
You been riding hard and you've
Seen the face of heaven,
The lawman has no mercy on your
One kiss and you're gone, just like a
Would he stay if he ever had time

So hold my eye
While the rest of the city flies by
The tips and the tokens you left me today
Are the price of my