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Listen what 'ya say and hear
My point of view
To much drugs you can
Go mental
Da say Dr.
Alban tellin' everybody
We no want no coke, no heroin
Yo! My name is Dr. Alban, the MD, microphone doctor
This song is dedicated to the people of Africa
Swe Mix gimme some drums
Yo! African people, unite
shot in the throat
He used to break day on the block, sellin' coke
5-for-20 seller, no girlie hassles
Dirty rascal, never showered, smell worse than
It's not latin, or white, or black music
It's that cooked up coke, crack music
Black Thought and Pharoahe, the rap duet
It's that lucid rapid eye
in beautiful technicolor
Directly from another place you could expect no other
To stand by these trues and break these rules
We defy the laws of cool
You brought us the a-bomb
In so many ways endorsed by God and The Book
So God loves a war monger?
Hey Mr.Blix: forget Iraq and the time it took
what I know and let me put it in this flow
We got all the goods we need but got no money to grow
Hood got all the coke and weed but got no profit
Spit crack, live rap, while my boy weighed OZ's
Coke? No weed low-key, I drank OE, 'til theres no left, only
Thing got gold left's the tostones
Dust the gorilla till' they passed the Glock to Kong
And smacked around the ward and poured him a straight by Dr. Strong
Manic, depressed slashed chest
broke like TLC

Roll on ya block, handle y'all, battle y'all
Take you out, put you in my catalog
When goin' to war, better remember
No retreat, no
mess, I guess I must just blew up quick (yes)
Grew up quick (no) was raised right
Whatever you say is wrong, whatever I say is right
You think of my name
zest, and breasts, too upset
It's just, too much mess, I guess
I must just blew up quick, yes
Grew up quick? No
Was raised right?
Whatever you say is
tell ya I'm a soldier boy
And I done told ya, over and over boy

Uhh, they never seen 26's on a Hummer
My goal is to try to fuck Trina by the summer
the Pope
MTV is they hope, they repeat what they wrote
I'm an MC that won't, let them tempt me with coke

Nope, flesh of my flesh, blessed by KRS
chopper put in check
Big body on broaders, that's all I know
Mansion on Washetona 6 figures on the floor
Double R and DR watched by Uptown security
with my concrete jungle, no Tarzans and Janes
Diesel by the bundles and the hard grams of Caine
D's when they come through, it's hard to get some change
It's drastic, I'm past my limit of coke
I think I'll up my high by slittin your throat
Push your baby carriage into the street, 'til it's mince meat
corn on the cob
What is life?  It is Too $hort
I play the bitches like it's a sport
Yea, I'll play the bitches just like y'all
Like Dr. J played
These niggas losing their minds
You find that there's no reward
They say they already home
It's really clear they abroad
They sound like they
the square, sell it by the o
I run through snow like a reindeer
The cool kid, got the coke heads nose red like Rudolf
I grind on the strip so hard I got blue
suspicious by the way he slid his feet
Didn't want to fuck up the come-up
So I smiled with my eyes said "hey, how's it hanging guy?"
Bumped into his
suspicious by the way he slid his feet
Didn't want to fuck up the come-up
So I smiled with my eyes said "hey, how's it hanging guy?"
Bumped into his
she’s in my celly
And I took her to the deli, stuffed some cockmeat in her belly
I don’t rock with pelle pelle rather dr. Romanelli
If you got no clue