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system, you can ionize the air

In a bed of iron, they cast the final weapon
Just to keep the people working, got to keep the people working
In a bed
stole your laugh so bright and breezy
It stops parties in mid-air
It makes me feel more devil may care
Hope you like the new me
Hope you like the new
to the eyes of a child, man

But these lights don't make a carnival
It's all wrong as strangers walk on past
The light that's last, no shadows cast
And I'm one
to go home / Chorus (sung by the cast) Time to go home Norman  Time to go home Norman  Hey Mistuh Papuh-mon  Time to go home  Chasin' illusions can get
There's fiddle tunes and there's fiddle tunes
But Virginia's splittin' hairs


She cast a spell no tongue can tell
No prophet can reveal
The answer is no, no, I tell you
A thousand times no
Oh, just asking

We're opposites by nature
He's a dog and I'm a cat, I think
But put us both
I need a re-run to better cast
The next series of events in the air-timeline lapse.

My made-for-TV type was written off
In the last season when I
Inject beliefs, infect their breed
Depopulation of the weak!
Centuries pass open the land that's bound to us by blood
Overtake, dominate,

Down by the lake side
Just off the ramp
All them people sleeping in their fising camp
Some out in the pup tents
Some out on the grass
and break the law
Too big to fail, too rich for jail

He can live without so why don't we
After all they're just like you and me
They cast their votes and no
where we only can live!
There will be no second chance!

The cry of the nature is seldom be heard
A slap in it's face all we gave
The air is
is long and the end is near

I sail away in seas of doom
My shield is strong and I got no fear
I'm gonna face the enemy soon

The night is cold
As their base is choked
By frightening worms
Whose blind organs can see
Your reflection on me
Your reflection on me
A glow is cast orange
On every single
Raw, I'm going to give it to you
With no trivia
Raw like that Aesop rock iron-fisted blissed felicia
While bent funny bone grown community
through the haze
Clouds cast shadows on fields below
Rain fell but was no longer cold

Felt i was stranded out of time
Gently touched by the breath
steel beams
The bomb blows air backwards, there's no time to scream
When they tested the A-bomb, they had a real fear
The blast will destroy your sweet
Down by the lake side
Just off the ramp

All them people sleeping in their fising camp
Some out in the pup tents
Some out on the grass
And tell your mother don't
Don't weep for me
Leave everything you have there
For beasts of the field and birds of the air
To trample and steal."
no, no more,
So why don't you just fuck yourself you stupid fucking whore?

"I should have know, not to look into her eyes,
I'm cast to stone, her glare
And I guess that this song
Really could be my last,

I feel like I'm stranded here with,
No-one to rescue me
Abandon by everyone I
You throw a look, I catch a stare
You're checking me, up and down
Temptations in the air
Is it against the law, to want to taste
A sexy boy,
Cast adrift in space no fear
By a pepper moon
Look at all the waves out here
Did we peak too soon?
All the deadly dreams we had
That I can't
I'm not dead, suffer from this
Premature burial
Is this my final end?

A slow death by suffocation
Turns my dream into reality
End of my existence,
see it coming
Now can you?

No, I play it safe
One step ahead, two steps aside
Yeah, and I forget
It was reality that made you blind

You had some laughs while they lasted
Some joy before you cast it down

Fleeting moments, like bubbles that float through the air
Then pop when