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Tryin' to reach the gates
Preaching' hate on the tower of Babylon
So babble on but yo nobody listening
And the well that you're wishing in is the one
After the fire, their bodies at rest,
Beyond mere blood, beyond mere breath:
Their terror summons the vapours of fright,
A mating call
the door unlocks and opens (not by my hand)

In silence I freeze this night silhoutted by hallway light
Blurred by terror, pulse of force blood turns cold,
Just like an ocean breeze 
And we were dancing to the sweetest melodies 
I held her in my arms until she danced into the night 
It happened all
I'm so glad you have a wife- In this wolf eat samurai world
You better grab your swords and saw your nads off
You'll get chopped off by the needle
Terror in your eyes
Night the city cries
Payback is crime
You damn near died
Bandaged by wounds not mine 
The city cries, drama ride
Guns out
I tried to sleep upon my back so I could
Hold her all night long as in my 
Arms she slept, alas, but no I couldn’t
And when daybreak came
The inevitable  beyond the ever so  this deadly technical 
Scribes get revised in the time before celestial 
No being or lyric ever hit precise  double sight
break him like a bitch so I know there's no defense 
So at night when I creep, only want 'em, while he's awake not asleep 
By the way all I seek all I
To the get the pain of my chest

[Verse 2]
Gettin murdered by the hands of a buster
Over respect
Last night my little homie cought a bullet in the neck
hold my breath before
the blade could finally fall at last and free me fromhe anger and the
screaming endlessly exploding in my head. So I slit
An unwitting victim by brigands attacked,

Left naked and dead with a knife
In his back.
Childhood terrors return to me now,
From the rand
worse" I said 
Tomorrow I don't see the sun 

In the silence of midnight 
The tower stands ready to fight 
One of them thinks of his treason 
at the towers on sunset and vine
Me and my niggas at the bar sipping henny
Got your bitch open all night, as if her name was denny's

[Chorus: x2]
tickets, stand in line
After the show it's at the towers on sunset and vine
Me and my niggaz at the bar sippin henny
Got your bitch open all night, as if
in terror
And scared of the Mystic Styles of them three six devils
Whoever step up to this click then ya doomed
Cruise wit my harpoon
and found all that beauty to be still.
Every breath as in sorrow, reap the promised end to this path, by every image that we borrow, every harvest depends
the car keys in it
I’m getting out

Each brick is a pixel
Each step is a stitch in the dust
Grass it’ll whistle
Buzzed by the breath with your lungs