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a honky tonk Christmas
But I'll be over you by New Year's Eve
"Blue Christmas" turn it up I want to hear it
So I can unwrap all them memories in my mind
on Christmas day
She's lost her will but kept her faith
But he's not coming home
She's gonna be alone for the holidays

She cries all night on New Year's Eve
It's New Years Eve and I'm full of empty promises, I half pretend to keep this time, just like last year. The band is loud and I'm wandering
Bringing in the New Year's eve alone
The glitter of the party life turns my face to home
Lovers and acquaintances all through the land
Dancing with the one you love
On New Years Eve
At the stroke of midnight

The sounds of the jungle and the blue skies
The earth underneath my
By knowin' you're in love...
No more, handing out hands of solitaire
And no more, New Year's Eve with the evening news
No more blues...No
spread so fast

But New Year's Eve
All turned black
Sometimes you're lucky
Sometimes you're not
can do
All I want for Christmas
Is a new year with you

I could be so happy
Holding you by firelight
Listening to you whisper
I'm yours for life

No presents for Christmas, no Thanksgiving feasts.
No presents for Christmas, no drunken New Year's Eves.
You took the Christ out of Christmas
and familiar face

Everyone wants to be kissing on new years eve
Underneath the mistletoe 
While it's snowing outside
Making fireworks like it's the forth
on New Year's Eve 
And no one is around 
Like lookin up on a summer's day 
And seein' snowflakes fallin' down 
Like danicin' on the Brooklyn bridge by
provided by your local TV station
Patience is not a virtue (I ain't waitin)
Turn this shit over like Bush did a boatload of Haitians

*DJ Pam cuts
Year's Eve 
Tonight in the city 
They're tearing the chandeliers down 
Boys and girls 
All dressed up pretty 
The bartenders buying the round 

Midnight in Montgomery,
Silver Eagle, Lonely Road,
I was on my way to Mobile,
For a big new year's eve show,
Stopped for just a minute, 
To see
New Year's Eve
Each day is Christmas day
You make me feel this way
It's gonna snow outside
The weather will be cold
But I'm gonna be warm this winter
shining through somehow
I see forever now

They tug at my sleeve, my friends say, don't leave
Why be alone on one more New Year's Eve
The party is fine but
on New Years Eve
Love birds in the row in front of me are driving me crazy
The pilot comes on, says the year is almost gone
Five, four, three, two, one
New years eve
Another ceremony of loneliness
You are the object of my thoughts tonight
You are everything that glitters
You reflect the light (you
photograph of you and me that New Year's eve
Was that lost year or fifteen years ago

When we were still just sweethearts, the days would pass so slow
2000 brings you more
Strange days not like before
2000 brings you more
Strange days not like before

It's the turn of the century
New years eve

Every night's like New Year's Eve
Every day that you're here with me
Every touch is a cause for celebration
I want to be your birthday kiss
I remember you
Do you remember me
There's no way to the heart better than awkwardly
In Canada on new year's eve
You said you'd never seen someone
There's the stillness of death on a deathly unliving sea
And the motorcar magical world has long since ceased to be,
When the eve bitten apple
And someone's always going south
A guy with a truck here about is going New Year's Eve
Why don't you leave

Why don't I leave
I can't make myself believe
The frequent fliers

I like to shop on the Champs De Elesee
Eat curry in old Bombay
And spend New Years eve in either Tel Aviv or Rome